Transition to the Nurse Role Assignment Essay

Transition to the Nurse Role Assignment Essay

Transition to the Nurse Role Assignment Essay

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1. In discussing transitions throughout nursing’s history, chapter 4 from LPN to RN Transitions describes the formation, goals, and missions of several nursing organizations. Refer to the “thinking critically” box on page 98 and answer the following questions (read all the questions first so you can plan your responses – they may be linked):

a. As an LPN, describe any nursing organization to which you currently belong. Why did you choose to join this organization?
I belong to the National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses (NFLPN). This organization is important as it certifies education and provides information and resources to LPNs. It is important to have support for your role as an LPN as it is a high stress career that often involves a lot of information processing with respect to education and work (Catalano, 2011).Transition to the Nurse Role Assignment Essay

b. As you enter professional nursing practice, your role will include advancing the profession. What areas/topics of nursing do you feel need collective effort for redesigning or advancing the profession of nursing?
There are many challenges in modern nursing that need to be addressed. I think that the area of women’s health is one that needs to be addressed as it is one that has many complicated issues and is suffering under the current nurse shortage (Harrington & Terry, 2012).

c. Which professional nursing organization do you believe has an interest in this area or similar areas? Describe how this organization could promote the cause you described.
The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nursing (AWHONN) is one that works to advance women’s health nursing and a number of related areas. It could promote the cause described above by targeting student nurses and encouraging them to have an interest in women’s health nursing.

d. What are the advantages of this collective effort?

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Collective efforts are more useful than working as an individual as many minds can come together to promote a cause and ensure that the future of nursing is secure.

2. The literature reports that there will be a nursing shortage well into the 21st Century.
a. What aspects of health care reform are likely to produce changes in nursing education?Transition to the Nurse Role Assignment Essay
Health care reform, such as the introduction of Obamacare and changes to Medicare and Medicaid make nursing more complex as nurses have to be aware of the differences in these areas. This means more extensive education on health care organization is required, rather than simply focusing on care alone.

b. Identify two possible changes that may occur in nursing education because of the projected nursing shortage.
Nursing education may become shorter to encourage more people to train up quickly to become nurses. Nursing education may also become more specific as a result, so future nurses might not be as well-rounded as today but are competent in only one or two areas of health.

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