Nurse Leadership Case Example Paper

Nurse Leadership Case Example Paper

Nurse Leadership Case Example Paper

The case under consideration describes a situation with a registered nurse at a large psychiatric unit. During one of her shifts, an incident happened and a nurse can have a problem with her license.Nurse Leadership Case Example Paper

Legal and Ethical Issues

One of the legal issues that can be implied with this situation is negligence. However, it is not the case of serious or intended negligence. In fact, the negligence of a suicidal patient was caused by nurse’s attention to her other duties such as instructing staff members. Moreover, she was supposed to control another room, thus another accident could have happened.

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An ethical issue suitable into this scenario is probably that of nonmaleficence (avoiding harm). Nevertheless, it is doubtful because the patient harmed herself and the fault of a nurse is only the inability to prevent the incident.

Ethical Dilemma

An ethical dilemma in this case considers the choice between the nursing duties. The nurse had to fulfil some functions simultaneously which was physically impossible. Thus, she had to decide whether to monitor patients or consult the stuff. However, in the case she had monitored the rooms with suicidal patients and not helped the colleagues, another accident could have happened. As a result, this ethical dilemma cannot be resolved.Nurse Leadership Case Example Paper

Violation of Nursing Legal Standards

This case violates some nursing legal standards such as assessment and monitoring. It is obvious that one of the tasks of a registered nurse is to monitor and assess a patient’s condition to notice any changes and be able to prevent negative outcomes. In this case, this standard is violated because a nurse had no physical possibility to monitor two suicidal patients and fulfil her other duties.


In this case, I consider that a nurse should not be punished and lose a license because the patient did not get serious injuries. It should be a responsibility of the unit administration to provide the necessary staff for the efficient work.

Healthy People 2020

Immunization and Infectious Diseases

One of the objectives of program Healthy People 2020 is immunization and attention to infectious diseases (Immunization and infectious diseases, n.d.). In conditions of globalization and the travelling opportunities infectious diseases become a burden of society. Immunization is a way-out since it helps to prevent the spread pf catching diseases. During my practice I have met a nurse who met this objective and made a personal contribution to the immunization process. The woman volunteered to a medical mission which travelled over the world to immunize children in the distant locations. She told about going to some African countries where the situation with hepatitis and tuberculosis was critical.Nurse Leadership Case Example Paper

Maternal, Infant, and Child Health

Health of mothers, infants and children is an important component of public health. Their well-being influences the health condition of the coming generations and determines national health (Maternal, infant, and child health, n.d.). Thus, a particular attention should be given to this objective of the program. My neighbor is a practicing nurse who deals with pregnant women and infants. She is in charge of women from the planning stage and throughout the pregnancy. I have never met a more determined professional. She seems to know every patient by name. This nurse takes care of their visits to the doctor, reminds of dates of laboratory tests, controls nutrition and habits. She also fulfills an educating function because she provides the women with all information necessary during pregnancy and infant care.


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