New Health Medical Systems Memorandum Essay


New Health Medical Systems Memorandum Essay

New Health Medical Systems Memorandum Essay

To: The Company Managing Director &i Board of Directors

From: The Director of Staffing

Re: An Evaluation of the Company’s New Staffing Strategy

The New Health Medical Systems has introduced new staffing strategies that aim at improving the effectiveness of its human resource and change the overall staffing styles. There have however been problems and obstacles in implementing the new strategies hence the need to address this through an evaluation of the whole system.New Health Medical Systems Memorandum Essay

The purpose of this memo is to highlight the degree to which the staffing strategy aligns with or conforms to the company’s new strategic direction on staffing and the possible changes and additional recommendations I would propose to the staffing strategy. All these are aimed at analyzing whether the new strategy adopted by the company will assist the company accomplish its goals in the long run.

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The new strategy involves a direction to become a regional Centre for critically ill patients in the United States. The company in a bid to realize this new strategy has opened a new cardiovascular unit for patients with strokes, heart attacks and other ailments of cardiovascular nature. The problem seems to be lack of skilled technicians in the area and the main issue for evaluation would be how to acquire the relevant skilled staff for the Health System. The question is whether the new staffing strategy is efficacious or not.

The application of an efficient staffing strategy enables an organization to improve its staff utilization capacity, recruit and develop the employees’ talents and skills. It also allows it to address human resource problems and issues affecting them.

Strategic staffing involves addressing and defining the staffing implications of an organization’s operational and strategic plans. It also relates to the process of recruitment, hiring, transfer promotion and retention or attrition of staff.New Health Medical Systems Memorandum Essay

Evaluation generally involves monitoring and the effectiveness and efficacy of a plan or strategy whereas staffing strategy connotes the staff planning approach by a company (Dick & Talahassee, 2009). The effectiveness of an organization’s staffing strategy may be evaluated based on sever factors such as:

Recruiting strategies
Training and development needs of staff
Conformity with the business needs
Ease of movements within the organization in terms of promotions, layoffs and reduction of the number of employees.
Diversity of staff
Staff performance standards
Desirability of staff workforce
Staffing plans
Time lines within which the new strategy is to take effect
Costs of the adopted strategy

Alignment with the Company’s New Strategic Direction
Based on the above indices, the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s new staffing strategy may be evaluated depending on how well it aligns with the company’s new strategic direction of being a big Centre for medical referrals.New Health Medical Systems Memorandum Essay

Staff performance Standards
An evaluation of the output of the organization’s staff may help reveal the viability of staffing strategy employed by the organization. Where there is high staff performance standards indicated by the high overall output by the company and the performance of its products in the market, its staffing strategy may be said to be per excellence.

Recruitment Strategies
The strategies and regulations governing the recruitment process by any organization determine to a large extent the success of that organization’s staffing strategies and also have tremendous effects on the achievement of its goals.

The Involvement of the Human Resource
According to Dick and Talahassee (2009), the human resource department is of strategic importance in staffing. It contributes a lot to a successful staffing strategy of a firm. This is because it is perceived as people in the organization, and the people are like its assets and hence determine the effectiveness of its development strategy. It also has an impact on the competitiveness of the business.

Flexibility of the Staffing Strategy
The strategy developed needs to be flexible enough to enable the organization to change between various staffing plans that may be available to it easdily without unnecessary red tapes and hindrances. According to Cynthia, Gram and Schnell (2001), the use of flexible staffing arrangements by organizations involved in production help the company to, for example, curb fluctuations in the labor demand and employee fly outs to other greener pastures. They argue that staff members feel more secure in their jobs when the organization affords them the flexibility and opportunity to develop their skills and competencies.New Health Medical Systems Memorandum Essay

The staffing strategy will also be evaluated based on the unique and new or different the strategy in comparison with competitors’ strategies. In most cases,” prospective employees prefer organizations in which their personalities are aligned to that of the organizational attributes” ( Bhahagnar & Srivastava, 2008, p 5).

Additional Recommendations for Improvement
I would in light of the above discussion, recommend the following staffing strategies for the organization to enable it meet its goals:
Conducting training programs for staff
Improve staff promotion, attrition and induction schemes and workshops
Develop better staff layoff, transfer and redeployment systems so as not to scare off prospective employees.
Organizing job and trade fairs and invite professionals to attend so the organization can have a pool of staff to choose from.
Encourage employee personal development and promote staff retention where possible.
Carrying out staff branding. New Health Medical Systems Memorandum Essay

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