Food for Thought – Discussion Forum #1

Food for Thought – Discussion Forum #1

Food for Thought – Discussion Forum #1

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With the continuous advancements in technology traditional methods of procreation are becoming a thing of the past. Alternative technology has opened the door to many options for individuals, and couples that have reproductive and fertility issues. Fertility is a Booming Business as most procedures are not covered by insurance and require the use of high-tech machinery. These services range from In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), artificial insemination, cloning, freezing, sex cell donation, surrogacy, uterus transplants, and ovulation stimulation just to name a few.

1. Discuss your moral position on the options and use of Alternative Reproductive Technology.

2. Should these options be available only to those who have the financial means to fund such procedures?

3. To what extent should insurance reform include fertility treatments, or not at all?

4. Should same sex couples have privy to same reproductive options as heterosexual couples?

5. To what capacity should the welfare of the unborn child be considered?

6. Describe the paradigm shift from traditional family structure and the effect this may have on future generations.


Be sure to follow the guidelines for completing Discussion Questions. Must be written in APA format, intext citation and references are mandatory.