Decreasing Infection Rates Essay Paper


Decreasing Infection Rates Essay Paper

Decreasing Infection Rates Essay Paper

Surgical site infections refer to those infections that occur in the body parts that had been operated on after the surgery is complete.

Q1. How you will collect and measure data from your nursing research proposal
Both qualitative and quantitative data shall be collected for the use in the nursing research proposal. The quantitative data shall be gathered using the following data collection strategies:
Experiments and medical tests and trials
Observation and subsequent recording of data and events
Literature review. This involves studying of already existent material on the subject matter being researched.
Administration of surveys and distributing questionnaires that contain both closed and open-ended questions.
Conducting interviews : these may be through the telephone, video link or even one-on-one. Decreasing Infection Rates Essay Paper

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In addition to the above, electronic sources such as digital libraries, databases and journals shall be used be hand-searched for relevant information (U.S. National Guideline Clearing House, 2013). Once the data has been collected, it shall have to be measured. The ordinal scale shall be used to measure this data. Here, the data shall be sorted out in ranks depending on its relevance and priority. The target population of the research shall be patients who are undergoing surgery

Q.2 Examine the expected outcomes of your research and how you would implement any changes.
The major outcomes that are expected are cases of infections associated to healthcare. Any infections that may arise as a result of a health-related cause shall be recorded. For instance, this may be due to professional negligence or malpractice. Data such as the total number of infections, institutions most prone to such infections and factors contributing to these high infection rates shall be assessed. It is anticipated that there shall be several changes in the data over time and these shall be noted and recorded.Decreasing Infection Rates Essay Paper

Both consistent and non-consistent outcomes would be recorded and used for later reference. It is expected that facilities with poor hygiene or an extremely high number of patients and very low number of medical personnel are likely to have the highest rates of infections. On the other hand, health institutions with clean facilities, qualified medical personnel and a low doctor-patient ratio are likely to experience minimal levels of infections.

Q 3. Identify a method to evaluate your findings following the implementation phase of nursing research.
The data gathered shall be assessed for quality as well as its strength. This shall be weighted to a ranking system. A sample-ranking scheme is as follows;
Level of Evidence Rating
Level 1. Strong and irrefutable evidence for well-conducted experiment

Level 2. Evidence collected from well-calculated trials
Level 3. Opinions from industry experts

Additionally, various methods shall be used to analyze the evidence collected. A systematic review of the evidence shall be carried out. Qualitative and self-explanatory reviews shall be used to aid in the assessment. Their authenticity and thoroughness would be assessed. Only the few that are of high quality and that pass the set standards shall be considered in the final drafting and publishing of the findings.Decreasing Infection Rates Essay Paper

In addition to the above findings, the common causes of these infections shall also be recorded. Recommendations shall then be given to help curb these. Some of the ways in whoch such surgical site infections can be prevented include, for instance the prompt use of antibiotics (Darouiche, 2010)

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