Clinical Reasoning Cycle – Inquiry-Based Learning Template Assignment

Clinical Reasoning Cycle – Inquiry-Based Learning Template Assignment

Clinical Reasoning Cycle – Inquiry-Based Learning Template Assignment

(Modified from Levett Jones, 2013)

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Assess Stage Guiding Questions Response

Gain an initial impression

Is there unfamiliar terms / information?

What do you know about the person?

What is relevant to the context of care?



(a) Review current information

(b) Gather new information

(c) Recall knowledge (A&P, ethics, law, cultural safety)

What current cues are relevant?

What new information will I get from the person/ family/team?

What resources will I use to gather new information?

What will you assess, look for?

Which assessment framework guides you?

What questions will you ask?


Interpret data – what does it all mean?


What data is relevant/irrelevant?

What data is normal/abnormal?

Are there any patterns or connections?

What deductions/inferences can you make based on objective & subjective data? Any patterns or links? Have you seen a similar clinical situation before/or has the patient had a similar experience?

What is going on here?





Plan Stage Guiding Questions Response

Synthesise all information that has been collected and processed.

What are the problems/issues?


Think about current problems and anticipate for future.

Prioritise problems/issues?

What is urgent/important/less important?




What should happen to improve problems /issues and by when?

What are your goals for the patient?


What is the timeframe for meeting goals?


Which goals are a priority?

(SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely goal/s)



Stage Guiding Questions Response

What action/ interventions will you do? Who should be notified?

What actions will you take?

What evidence/research guides your actions?


What is the RN role?

For this situation what role do other health team members have?


Do you need to notify anyone?






Evaluate Stage Guiding Questions Response

Assess the effectiveness of actions

Has the patient situation improved?


Remember to think about multi-focal assessment of person.

Compare with initial assessment data. Improvement or deterioration?


Are actions/interventions effective? What are your next steps?

Does the plan need to change?

Back to the beginning of the cycle – reassess the person in context




What have you learned from this experience?

Was my preparation / prior understanding enough?

Next time I would …

I should have …


From here I need to….




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