Assignment: Developing Professional Nursing Practice Semester one 2019

Assignment: Developing Professional Nursing Practice Semester one 2019

Assignment: Developing professional nursing practice Semester one 2019

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Pre-requisites for person centred care: Reflective paper

Please note: The sections shaded grey are for your information only and can be deleted for final submission. You are only required to type into the white sections. Word counts are suggested (please delete these instructions for final submission).

Brief overview of situation/clinical encounter

Provide a succinct overview with adequate information in which to contextualise the pre-requisite being discussed (150 words).


When we started the shift at 2 pm and during checking on our patients on handover round we have found an IV antibiotics medication connected to infusion pump, but not connecting to the patient iv line since 8 am. The responsible nurse realised that he forgets to connect the iv medication to the patient because he was so busy during the shift and he thought that he has done it, but he is not.

This medication was two times a day and now we have missed morning dose which will affect the patient treatment process.



Identify relevant pre-requisite/s

Your encounter identifies several pre-requisites that impacted/contributed to the clinical encounter. Please list these below in dot points (not included in word count).





Identify and discuss ONE priority pre-requisite

Relate this to the literature on person-centred practice and outcomes, highlighting its importance as an attribute for health professionals and how this should be demonstrated with reference to the Registered Nurse Standards for Practice (2016) (300 words).






Discuss what risk/impact there was/could have been

The chosen pre-requisite was not being enacted to its full capacity during the situation/clinical encounter nominated. What risks/impact did this/could this have/had? Was it eventually corrected? (100 words).






Consider your own nursing practice

Reflect on what you have learnt and what you will now do to ensure your future practice is able to consistently apply the pre-requisite discussed (250 words).