Week 1 Essay Assignment:

Week 1 Essay Assignment:

Week 1 Essay Assignment:

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For this assignment there are two main parts, the PICOT question and the 6 peer reviewed articles with abstracts. The format of the assignment is: title page, page with PICOT (just the one or two sentence PICOT, nothing else is needed), the 6 research articles for this you will have the APA formatted article reference followed by the cut and pasted abstract from the article, nothing else is required, repeat this for all 6 articles, then have a reference page with the 6 APA references, 1 for each article.


· PICOT is a nursing focused intervention question. It is not a traditional research question (an example of a traditional research question would be ‘How does the introduction of weekly journal clubs impact the understanding and use of Evidence Based Practice). A PICOT question is also not based in medical interventions (a medical intervention is anything you would need a provider order for, for example do not use medication or surgical interventions or other interventions outside the scope of the nurse.

· PICOT: Problem, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, Time

· Examples: Here is a great PICOT ‘For patients with a risk of sepsis in the ICU does a sepsis assessment tool help with early diagnosis compared to patients who do not have a specified sepsis assessment done over the course of six months). Here is another great PICOT ‘Many nurses experience incivility between peers, does the introduction of a civility education module in orientation decrease incidents of incivility as compared to those who completed orientation prior to the module’ (note there is no time here because it would be an ongoing intervention). Here is a bad PICOT ‘Chemo patients get severe nausea, does the introduction of Benadryl and Inapsine decrease their nausea as compared to traditional prescriptions for nausea’ -this question is medical interventions, you only want nursing interventions, here is another bad PICOT ‘Patients get sepsis, should a sepsis assessment tool be used’ -this question is missing many aspects.

Peer Reviewed Articles

· 6 Peer reviewed articles directly aligned with your topic, most should be from nursing journals

· All should be no more than 5 years old

· Be cautious with international articles, what works in Iran on nursing behavior may not work in central Nebraska…ensure any international articles are well aligned with the PICOT

· The articles can be related to the problem or intervention

· Have a mix of qualitative and quantitative