Walden University Photo voice Symbolizing Social Justice Discussion

Walden University Photo voice Symbolizing Social Justice Discussion

Walden University Photo voice Symbolizing Social Justice Discussion

Photovoice is a method used to visually represent a concept or idea. When you use the method of photovoice to explain a phenomena, idea, or circumstance, you think and communicate more deeply through symbols and representation. In turn, your audience may start to see what you describe in new ways.


Please review the document titled “Examples of Photovoice” to get a sense of how photos can be used to symbolize, represent or exemplify an abstract concept. The photo that you upload can be a photograph that you take yourself or an image you found from another source (Be sure to provide an appropriate reference for any photo that is not your own). Any photo that you upload must not be of a person or a group of people. Their faces cannot be identifiable because this would violate their privacy. Again, take a look of some of the examples in the document to get ideas.

For this discussion, choose one of the NASW Code of Ethics (2017) values listed below that influenced your decision to become a social worker.

  • Service
  • Social justice
  • Dignity and worth of the person
  • Importance of human relationships
  • Integrity
  • Competence



Examples of Photovoice Background and History of Photovoice Photovoice traces its history back to its pioneers – Drs. Caroline Wang and Mary Ann Burris – who gave out cameras to rural women in China so that they can document their lives (Oden, 2013). The goal was to use the photographs as a means to assist these women to critically reflect on their day-to-day lives and situations. Ultimately, these photographs tell a story of their needs in order to raise the consciousness of policy makers so as to enact social change (Oden, 2013). Its philosophical roots stem from the tenets of participatory action research and critical theory, with the goal of giving voice to disempowered populations in order to advocate for social change (Wang, 1999). Photovoice was first utilized in the field of public health and since then it has been applied