UNV103 Week 5 Literacy Pre-Assessment Paper

UNV103 Week 5 Literacy Pre-Assessment Paper

UNV103 Week 5 Literacy Pre-Assessment Paper

Week 5 Assignment: Literacy Pre-Assessment

1Copyright law in the United States, which governs intellectual property rights, applies to which type of resources?




All of the above

2On the reference page of your essay, the references should be alphabetized by:

Author first name

Author last name

Article title

None of the above

3What is the BEST place to find a scholarly article?

In a research database

On the internet

In popular magazines

In newspapers


4What steps can you take to find help with library resources?

Ask a Librarian for help using the phone, email or chat

Attend a group library instruction session, either in-person or via one of the library’s virtual webinars

View a library tutorial

Visit the Library on the Phoenix Campus

All of the above

5When doing research on your topic, “The impact of steroids on America”, you find you have too much information for a three page essay. What do you do?

Use as much information as possible and hope the professor doesn’t notice that the essay is two pages longer than the maximum

Choose a brand new topic; this one is too hard to cover in a college paper

Reduce the scope of your topic to something more focused, such as the use of steroids in American high schools

Pick the first three articles you find and write an essay based on these three resources

6Scholarly articles generally contain the following elements:

An abstract that summarizes the content of the article

The author’s affiliation or credentials

A bibliography or a list of works cited

All of the above

7When should you consult a librarian for assistance?

You don’t know where to start to search for scholarly resources

You need help choosing the best keywords, search strategy, or resources

You searched in the library databases and the search had zero results

You have an article or other resource and don’t know how to properly cite the reference

All of the above

8Wikipedia can be a good starting place to learn more about a research a topic. However, it is usually inappropriate to use Wikipedia as a cited resource in college papers assignments because:

Wikipedia is created by multiple persons and it isn’t clear what authority they may have on a specific topic

Changes can easily be made to Wikipedia that may be inaccurate

It is difficult to determine if the content is biased

All of the above

9Which of the following is NOT a Boolean operator?





10The correct way to write the in-text citation for the following reference is:

Solganick, H. (2013). Creating constructive consciousness: Critical thinking for the Christian. Global Education Journal, 2013(3), 1-33.

(Creating constructive consciousness, 2013)

(Solganick, 2013)

(Solganick, H., 2013)

(Global Education Journal, 2013)

11When required to use peer-reviewed articles on a topic for your essay, where would you find this type of resource?





Not sure

12 The following reference is a:

Bland, H. W., Melton, B. F., Bigham, L. E., &Welle, P. D. (2014).Quantifying the impact of physical activity on stress tolerance in college students. College Student Journal, 48(4), 559-568.




Journal article

13You find the perfect article for your assignment and want to find more like it. What do you do?

Search using the author’s name in the library’s databases to see if they have written more articles on the topic

Check the references section for articles on a similar topic that were used as sources in the article

Identify key words in the article to use in your next search

All of the above

14A peer-reviewed journal article is:

Reviewed by the author’s friends

Reviewed by experts in the same subject field prior to being published

Reviewed by the author’s colleagues

Reviewed for grammatical errors

Not sure

15When using a journal article to support your essay, when do you have to include an in-text citation?

When using a block quote from the journal article

When paraphrasing a few sentences from the journal article

When using a direct quote from the journal article

All of the above

None of the above

16To learn about the current issues in your field of study you can:

Run a search for scholarly journal articles in the library’s databases published in the last year in your field of study

Browse the website for a professional association for your field of study

Interview a professional in your field of study

All of the above

17You need scholarly research on the treatment of diabetes. What type of resource would provide the best information?

A popular medical website

A peer-reviewed medical journal

A current online magazine article

A popular YouTube video

18Which of the following is an example of a primary source?

An encyclopedia entry about World War II

A textbook about global conflict and wars

The Diary of Anne Fran

All of the above

19If, you are writing a compare/contrast paper on a controversial topic like capital punishment, it is important to:

Consider both sides of the issue and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of both

Choose only resources that describe your opinion on the topic

Only describe the strengths of one side and the weaknesses of the other

Build a strong case that one side is better than the other

20 Google is

A research database

A magazine

An internet search engine

A book

UNV103 Week 5 Literacy Pre-Assessment Paper