Theories and Nursing Practice Quality Essay

Theories and Nursing Practice Quality Essay

Theories and Nursing Practice Quality Essay

1. How are patient relationships tied to quality outcomes?

Good relationships with patients encourage better quality outcomes. When patients are engaged in their healthcare, they are more willing to sustain a certain level of health due to a better understanding and enhanced level of motivation. Forming a strong relationship helps the patient to build trust in the healthcare team’s ability to care for them, which reduces stress for both the patient and healthcare team.Theories and Nursing Practice Quality Essay

Patients who engaged in self-care will ultimately spend less time coming back to the facility for a static or worsening condition, and therefore cost the patient less in healthcare expenses. Encouraging the patient to ask questions and assist with what kinds of questions to ask can help patients take control of their health and make better life choices.


2. How can nurses respond to Duffy’s call to actions?
In response to Duffy, nurses can use patient experiences in order to enhance their own quality of life by reflecting upon and utilizing life lessons. To Duffy, it is important to evaluate whether the patient feels cared for. By ensuring the patient feels as though their needs are being met, they will be more willing to engage in self-care. Nurses can make sure all patients feel cared for by allowing them to have a say in their treatment plan, as well as making sure that they understand their conditions, procedures, alternative options, etc.Theories and Nursing Practice Quality Essay

In order to make patients feel as though their concerns/conditions matter, ways in which wait times can be cut down in order to enhance the patient experience should be evaluated. Pertinent information, such as the reason for the visit or any symptoms experienced, should be received and reviewed prior to the patient being called back in order to make time used more efficient. Going beyond face-to-face interaction to meet individual needs, such as email access through patient portals or telephone consultations, is also a great way in which patient relationships can be extended.

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