The Role of Community Agencies in Managing Disasters

The Role of Community Agencies in Managing Disasters

The Role of Community Agencies in Managing Disasters

Disasters come in many forms. There are natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados or disease outbreaks such as Ebola. There are man-made disasters such as bombings, bioterrorism, or airplane crashes. We expect that someone will provide us with assistance to keep us safe and recover from these disasters. Have you ever thought about who is responsible for this assistance and how it is coordinated? Agencies at all levels: local, state, and federal have a role to play. Choose a government level and investigate what agencies have a role in disaster prevention and assistance.


Create a PowerPoint presentation no longer than 10 slides (including title and reference slide in APA format) to discuss these agencies and what their role is in a disaster.

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    Rubric for Module Eight Assignment


    Scoring Rubric: The Role of Community Agencies in Managing Disasters

    Criteria Points
    Create a PowerPoint

    · 8-10 slides

    · Logical Sequence

    · Readable bullet points

    · Language level appropriate for audience

    Develop a presentation of an agency that is responsible for certain aspects of disaster planning and management and discuss what their specific responsibilities are. 15
    APA format, Grammar, Mechanics 5
    Total 25
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    The Role of Community Agencies in Managing Disasters

    By: Tucker Huntington

    Minnesota Recovers Task Force (MRTF)

    The MRTF helps get money and assistance directly to the areas that are most affected by a recent disaster.

    Coordinates government resources for community long-term recovery needs

    Things they will meet on a needed basis:


    -Health and human services

    -Natural resources


    Historic Preservation and Recovery

    When a disaster occurs and destroys a historic place this agency will recover and rebuild what they can

    This agency preserves and protects important historic landmarks, buildings, and items

    Public Assistance Grant Program

    This program along with other non profit oranizations work together to cleam up communities after a disaster

    Things that they do:

    – Debris removal

    – Repair public facilities

    – Remake public faclities

    Washington Military Department’s Emergency Management Division

    This program educates people on what to do during an emergency situation

    They provide education in simple easy steps for people to understand

    This information is free for public use to help people be prepared and be protected

    Port Townsend Ordinance No. 3131

    Declares emergency due to drought, possible water shortages, and fire hazard.

    Implement drought reserve plan

    Places city on water conservative measures.

    Places rules for having fires when grass and woods are too dry.

    Citizen Corps

    A national network of local government, business, and community leaders who work collectively to prepare their communities for disaster and to make them more resilient (Ask MRSC, 2018)


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