SWK8010 Capella University Evaluation of Personal Experiences Analysis Paper

SWK8010 Capella University Evaluation of Personal Experiences Analysis Paper

SWK8010 Capella University Evaluation of Personal Experiences Analysis Paper

Valuation of Personal Experiences with Technology in Learning


This assignment is designed to introduce you to the Capella instructional resources that you will use throughout the program. These resources help adult learners to develop well-written, professionally acceptable manuscripts. If you choose to use your DSW in an academic setting, you will need to understand and use these types of resources. If you are supervising social workers in an agency where reports, grant writing, strategic planning, and more are required, you will still need to understand and use these types of resources. Therefore, you are asked to reflect on your own interactions with the Writing Center, APA Central, and SafeAssign. You will need to use each of these resources as you respond to the topic: How Do Software Programs Enhance Adult Learners’ Writing Skills?


For this assignment, you will write a paper about the use of technology in the form of software, hardware, or mobile apps that aid adult learners with their academic writing skills.

  • First, describe the programs and applications that you researched.
  • Next, explain how these programs and applications should help adult learners based on “5 Key Conditions Affecting Adult Participation and Nonparticipation” (Ross-Gordon, Rose, & Kasworm, 2017).
  • Then, use APA Central and Smarthinking to process the first part of this paper to ensure proper formatting of APA citations and references, to ensure proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Submit your paper to SafeAssign as a draft. Use your originality report to review your work and to ensure that all material that reflects the thoughts, ideas, and words of other authors is properly cited and referenced.
    • Remember that when you submit your final assignment for your instructor to grade, it will automatically be submitted to SafeAssign one more time. Both you and your instructor will be able to see the final originality report.
  • Finally, share you own experience with how well these resources were able to help you produce an academically acceptable paper. (Note: For your final assignment in this course, you will consider how you might integrate these types of resources into your own teaching assessments.)


  • 4–6 pages, double-spaced; Arial 12-point font.
  • Use APA format (no abstract required).
  • Use 8–12 references. You may use the course text, peer-reviewed journal articles, and/or credible websites (no more than 3 website sources).


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Chapter 2 Who Participates in Adult and Continuing Education?: Mapping the Adult Learning Landscape Copyright © 2016. John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated. All rights reserved. A t the heart of the adult and continuing education enterprise has been the relationship among adult learners, the shape and substance of specific adult learning policies and programs, and past research and best practice in the profession. This relationship has, in part, focused upon the landscape of adult learner participation patterns. Researchers and practitioners have looked to adult participation statistics to answer the Who (Who are the types of adults participating in these adult learning experiences?), What (What do these adult learners represent in relation to the entire adult population?), the How (What venues and formats represent the choices by adult learners?), and the Why (What are the key reasons or motivators for participation?). These adult participation patterns have provided