Strayer CRJ320 Wk6 Quiz 6

Strayer CRJ320 Wk6 Quiz 6

Strayer CRJ320 Wk6 Quiz 6

Chapter 10,11

1. A particularly difficult type of sexual assault is date rape, sometimes called
a. acquaintance rape. c. fraternal rape.
b. social rape.

d. sexual battery.


2. The key distinction between human trafficking and smuggling lies in
a. the international implications.
b. the need for labor.
c. the individual’s freedom of choice.
d. government collusion.

3. Acknowledging the severe and dangerous nature of drug-assisted sexual assaults, the Drug-Induced Rape Prevention and Punishment Act, signed in 1996, allows courts to impose prison sentences up to __________ on anyone who distributes an illicit drug to someone intending to commit sexual assault.
a. 5 years

c. 20 years
b. 10 years

d. Life

4. The largest number of people illegally trafficked into the United States are from
a. Mexico and Central America.

c. east Asia and the Pacific.
b. eastern Europe and Russia.

d. South America.

5. When arriving at the scene of a rape case, officers should look for
a. evidence of a struggle.

c. semen and bloodstains.
b. stained or torn clothing.

d. all of these choices.

6. The element of sexual assault most difficult to prove in court is
a. the act of sexual intercourse.
b. that the act was committed with a person other than a spouse.
c. that the act was committed without the consent of the victim.
d. that the act was committed against the victim’s will and by force.

7. In what type of interview do you carefully question the victim about the rapist’s behavior, analyze the behavior to ascertain the motivation underlying the assault and then compile a profile of the individual likely to have committed the crime?
a. sexual predator profile

c. latent sexuality probe
b. victim’s behavioral interview

d. behavior-oriented interview

8. A common “date rape” drug is
a. aspirin.

c. Rohypnol.
b. morphine.

d. mescaline.

9. The pleasure of complete domination over another person is what drives the
a. masochist.

c. sadist.
b. exhibitionist.

d. voyeur.

10. Statutory rape is
a. sexual intercourse under threat of force.
b. the rape of a spouse.
c. any sex act that violates a state statute, regardless of mutual consent.
d. sexual intercourse with a minor.

11. In a sexual assault case, it is best that the interviewer of the victim
a. always be a male officer.
b. always be a female officer.
c. be an officer who is the same gender as the victim.
d. be a police officer with the proper training and attitude.

12. Rapists are often divided into two categories: ________ rapists and ________ rapists.
a. anger, pleasure

c. pain, pleasure
b. anger, power

d. aggravated, simple

13. The main side effect of Rohypnol is
a. nausea.

c. drowsiness.
b. amnesia.

d. aggression.

14. Sexual penetration refers to an intrusion into a victim’s
a. anal opening.

c. mouth.
b. genital opening.

d. any of these choices.

15. Certain offenders are likely to be obsessed with keeping trophies and recordings of their assaults, and therefore any search warrant applications in such cases should include photographs, records, scripts, letters, diaries, audiotapes, videotapes and newspaper reports of the crime. These offenders are called
a. serial killers.

c. mass murderers.
b. sexual sadists.

d. lone wolf killers.

16. The success of blind reporting hinges on
a. whether trust can be established between the victim and the investigator.
b. whether the victim is willing to prosecute.
c. the investigator’s willingness to accept a blind report.
d. whether the victim is willing to commit immediately to an investigation.

17. What method has been used with sexual offenders in 16 states amid widespread controversy?
a. medical castration

c. civil commitment
b. chemical castration

d. the death penalty

18. The Supreme Court has clarified its limitation on civil commitments, saying that there must be
a. proof of physical or chemical castration.
b. proof of an offender’s serious difficulty in controlling his behavior.
c. a statement under oath that the offender promises not to reoffend.
d. concurrent registration for life of any sex offender.

19. Which law finally required states to release any relevant information about registered sex offenders necessary to maintain and protect public safety, and allows disclosure of information collected under a state registration program for any purpose permitted under the laws of the state?
a. Jacob’s Law

c. Jon Benet Ramsey Law
b. Megan’s Law

d. Little Lindbergh Law

20. In April 1998, what did the Supreme Court decide in regard to constitutional challenges that claimed that the Sexual Offender Registration and Notification Act’s notification requirements represented an unconstitutional added punishment?
a. They agreed and overturned them.
b. They rejected the argument and retained the laws.
c. They decided to compromise and only register those offenders who voluntarily agreed to be listed as a term of their parole.
d. They disagreed and resentenced all sex offenders to a “life” parole.

21. What type of reporting allows sexual assault victims to retain their anonymity and confidentiality while sharing critical information with law enforcement, and also permits victims to gather legal information from law enforcement without having to commit immediately to an investigation? Strayer CRJ320 Wk6 Quiz 6
a. third-party reporting

c. blind reporting
b. ex parte reporting

d. self-reporting

22. A “date rape” drug that can be found in an odorless, colorless liquid form or as a pill or white powder and that has psychological effects including confusion, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, drug craving and paranoia is called MDMA or
a. marijuana.

c. Ecstasy.
b. heroin.

d. mescaline.

23. A “date rape” drug that is found in a white powder form and that can cause hallucinations, lost sense of time and identity, distorted perceptions of sight and sound, feeling out of control, impaired motor function, breathing problems, convulsions, vomiting, out-of-body experiences, memory problems, a dream-like feeling, numbness and loss of coordination is
a. Ecstasy.

b. peyote.

c. alpha-omega.
d. ketamine.

24. Which of the following is not a sex offense?
a. incest
b. bigamy
c. child molestation, sodomy and rape
d. pornography
25. Incest is sexual intercourse with a(n)
a. brother, sister or parent.

c. blood relative.
b. first cousin.

d. animal.