Statement of work Nursing Discussion

Statement of work Nursing Discussion

Statement of work Nursing Discussion

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The SuperPacks project is crucial and very sensitive since the products are meant to serve customers from the U.S. Army, Ground forces and Special Forces. The company aims at creating a new backpack that should have built-in refrigeration and radio module features. Therefore, the project which is meant to create a new backpack product requires a comprehensive and reliable statement of work document (SOW). The SOW has many benefits in running such sensitive projects. The use of this document will enable the company to achieve all the features in a way that will satisfy the users of this product.

Business need

Business needs refer to the deficiencies that exist in the current business processes of an organization. These gaps make it difficult for a company to achieve its goals. Therefore, it is crucial for every organization to ensure that it identifies all its business needs. Once the business needs are recognized, solutions can be developed to enable the managers to satisfy the business needs. The SOW document and the work breakdown structure are essential in ensuring that a business achieves its goals by satisfying all its needs.

The current business needs for the SuperPacks include acquiring equipment to satisfy the refrigeration and radio module features of the new proposed backpack. Considering that this is a new project for the company, it needs to hire technicians who have specialized in handling the electrical wiring that will be required to make the backpack. These business needs will require a lot of capital.


Product scope description

The scope of the project will focus on ensuring that the refrigeration and radio module features perform as expected. The backpack will have to be customized to fit in the new features. However, some aspects such as the design of the backpack and the refrigerator will not be prioritized.

Strategic plan

The managers will pay visits to companies that manufacture mini refrigerators and try to strike a deal with these firms. This strategy will enable SuperPacks to make good designs of the refrigerator to ensure that they are small enough to fit into the bag and effective. It will also be cheaper to acquire technicians from a deal between SuperPacks and an electronics company.

Work Breakdown Structure