Social and Cultural Counseling

Social and Cultural Counseling

Social and Cultural Counseling

Please read instructions, and attachments then answer 3 questions.

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    The Case of Sheila – Counseling African Americans

    In order to complete this activity, you must read PART 1 (CA) and the following sections from Chapter 1 (WC Book) : Cultural Characteristics Specific to African American Women; Adaptive Strategies;  and Therapeutic Interventions for African American Women.

    Make sure you provide in-text citations (e.g., Corey, 2017, p. 248) first citing the required readings, and then additional readings if you would like to add material from other sources. This is not necessary, but it is necessary to cite often in your assignments. Then add the references at the end of the assignment – all in APA style of writing. 






    The Case of Sheila


    Sheila, an African American student, began treatment at a local counseling center because of the stress of her first year of graduate school in biology. In an early session describing her feelings of alienation on campus, she complained to her counselor that one of her professors described research investigating genetic causes of Black violence, as if African Americans were inferior and genetically prone to violence. Although her White female counselor empathized with her, being a cognitive-behavioral scientist-practitioner, the counselor tried to explain the teacher’s perspective by saying, “It may help to know that in the pursuit of knowledge, scientists should be able to study any topic.” The student was offended and angrily quipped, “Well, I never heard about studies of a gene of violence in Whites back when they were lynching and conquering everybody.”



    1) What do you think were the reasons behind Sheila’s counselor’s comments?

    2) What do you think were the reasons behind Sheila’s response?

    3) If you were Sheila’s counselor, how would you have responded to Sheila’s feelings of alienation?

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