RES 726 WEEK 4 Assignment: Correlational Methods Exercises

RES 726 WEEK 4 Assignment: Correlational Methods Exercises

RES 726 WEEK 4 Assignment: Correlational Methods Exercises

In this assignment, students will examine the underlying concepts in Chapter 3A of the Meyer et al. (2010) text and then complete the practice exercise by following the directions and steps for the selected test following the IBM SPSS program features in the companion Chapter 3B.

The sample data set for the SPSS test (handling missing data and outliers) is accessed through the Student Resources option in the online text for Chapter 3B. The data set named Victoria Data Screening should be loaded into the SPSS program in order to follow the practice exercise. More details about the dataset are explained at the beginning of the chapter.


Click on the Data Files Link under Materials.

Download the data file named Victoria Data Screening and load it into SPSS.

Save the SPSS output file with your name_VDSOutput, eg. LeonardHuggins_VDSOutput.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that includes the following:

  • Assess strengths and weaknesses in using the SPSS program to recognize problems with missing data.
  • Analyze and explain how the data meet the underlying assumptions of the analysis procedure (if any).
  • Discuss strategies, remedial actions, or selected techniques that were used to handle or resolve problems with missing data.
  • Include supplemental information to reinforce why a particular technique was used to handle the issue and the extent to which the technique(s) fixed the problem or limitations with the technique.
  • Repeat the same processes and components for explaining the impact of outliers in the data.

Note: Because the selections of the SPSS functions and features in Ch. 3B entail more written details along with more explanations of the graphical visuals, these details tend to take many pages to explain the particular details and nuances associated with the selected type of test. The reading (itself) may appear to be a bit overwhelming if reading the SPSS processes in isolation from the actual use of the program. If the actual SPSS program (with the loaded data set for the practice) is used in conjunction with the reading of directions, then the SPSS applications become meaningful and typically do not take as long as appears with straight reading.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.  Do not include Appendices in your paper.

Submit both your paper assignment and your SPSS output file to the Assignment Files tab as two separate files. RES 726 WEEK 4 Assignment: Correlational Methods Exercises.