Purdue University Nursing Audit Reflection

Purdue University Nursing Audit Reflection

Purdue University Nursing Audit Reflection


  1. Assignment Content Each week you are expected to complete a reflection journal in which you reflect on the week’s practicum activities. You may use any reflection model (Gibbs’ reflective cycle, Driscoll’s model of structured reflection, Johns’ model of structured reflection, etc.). You may also reflect on any aspect affecting your project: professionalism, communication, leadership, evidence-based practice, teamwork, etc. Your reflection journals must be, at minimum, 1 page and address the following:
    1. The week’s goals
    2. Activities and events that happened this week, including accomplishments and disappointments
    3. Hurdles and barriers
    4. Project revisions or adjustments
    5. Next week’s goals
  1. Complete a reflection journal for this week’s activities and events. Format your reflection journal according to APA guidelines. Be sure to use Level I and II Headings in your journal outlining each criterion.
  2. Include references

My project is creating a nursing audit tool to audit pre-op notes, post op notes, pre-op calls notes, post-op calls notes in the CPRS Computerized Patient Record System and PICIS Critical Care Manager software is used to identify and assess patient patterns and potential intensive care unit (ICU) complications.

The tool will audit the notes if compliant with the nursing standards of the hospital, and of the Joint Commission.

It’s actually a six week practicum project weekly reflection. And for this week activity, is the project planning. I need guidance on how to use the suggested reflection models.

We document in all the patients that we do surgery from the pre-operative to the post-operative. There is no audit tool if we are documenting in all the notes that we are supposed to do. We can use the data that we will gather to ensure consistent quality patient care is provided and will uncovers areas for improvement. Use this nursing audit checklist to confirm compliance with proper nursing documentation and check patient care provided to patients. With this nursing audit checklist :

  1. Use scoring to measure performance.
  2. Quickly identify noncompliance to proactively act on opportunities to improve the quality of patient care.
  3. Filter information from data gathered to help with determining the overall quality of patient care.
  4. Secure data for future research while staying compliant with HIPAA.

The activities that we can incorporate in my reflections are:

-Conduct research on Evidence based practice about the project.

-Gap Analysis in the Sameday surgery/Postanesthesia Care Unit

-Stakeholder analysis

-Create an implementation plan

-Develop risk mitigation plan


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