Purdue University Dreams and Reality in V for Vendetta Essay

Purdue University Dreams and Reality in V for Vendetta Essay

Purdue University Dreams and Reality in V for Vendetta Essay


Here are four movies each with four different prompts the movies need to be analyzed answering the prompt and need to be two pages in length for each movie a total of 8 pages provided is the template to follow and get an idea how to write the analysis with some examples in the template.

Movie #1: V for Vendetta

Prompt #1: Dreams and reality: take a look at the characters in the movie that you just watched, each of the main characters in the movie is introduced to you with certain dreams plans and expectations. In the course of the movie, The main characters must come to terms with the difference between their dreams and the reality of the world around them. Write a paper on your novel that examines how the main characters navigate The Journey from dreams to reality what kind of a course, do they follow and how are they changed for their Journey.

Movie #2: social dilemma

Prompt #2: Title how does the title of the movie that you watched relate to the movie itself? Is the title descriptive? Somewhat of a moral for the movie? statements of a theme? Something else altogether? Why has the writer chosen this title over the other possibilities? In your paper analyze the relationship between the title and the movie paying attention to the reasons that the title highlights something that the author wants the audience to know where come to understand about the novel.

Movie #3: true grit

Prompt #3: Gender issues consider the gender of the characters in the movie. How are male and female characters portrayed? How does the work portray their roles in society? How does gender influence the Choices that are available to the characters and the decisions that they make? Write a paper that explores how gender affects the plot and the character development in the movie.

Movie #4: in time

Prompt #4: Class issues: think about the role that social class plays in the movie that you just watched. What social classes are represented in the movie? To what extent is each class depicted? Are all the classes given equal representation? How did the classes shown in the movie relate to the classes that realistically existed in the time and place where the movie takes place? As you go through your movie consider two important questions how does the author feel about the different social classes and how can you tell the author’s opinion? Write a paper that explores the way that social class and class issues affect the characters and plot of the movie

Requirements: 2 pages each (minimum 550 words each)