PU Non Profit Organization Analysis in The United States of America Essay

PU Non Profit Organization Analysis in The United States of America Essay

PU Non Profit Organization Analysis in The United States of America Essay



The purpose of this assignment is to develop a thorough understanding of a specific nonprofit organization and demonstrate your comprehension of our course material.

In order to accomplish this your profile needs to do the following:

  • Introduce your nonprofit organization and provide a basic descriptive overview (history, background, current operations, funding, who they serve, their mission and vision, etc.).
  • Categorize the overall work of this organization based on the 4 functions of nonprofit and voluntary action from the book On Being Nonprofit.
  • Explain how the 4 impulses shaping the future of nonprofit America (from The Resilient sector book) influence this organization. Discuss the implications of these impulses on some of the features of this organization (see table 3-1 on p. 21).
  • Explain how this organization balances the competing imperatives of survival and distinctiveness (from The Resilient sector book).
  • Discuss how this organization is responding to the challenges and opportunities from The Resilient Sector book (ch. 4-5) and/or the problems and issues from the On Being Nonprofit book (p. 165).
  • Provide information from people who are involved with this organization (employees, volunteers, donors, clients, etc.) PU Non Profit Organization Analysis in The United States of America Essay
  • Pick 1-2 of the topical chapters from the Understanding Nonprofit Work book (ch. 2-6) that are relevant for this organization and explain how the organization’s work relates to the chapter(s)–and conversely, how the chapter(s) informs the organization’s work.
  • Provide a modest level of assessment of this nonprofit organization in relation to what it is trying to accomplish (strengths, weaknesses, areas of improvement, key successes and/or shortcomings, etc.). Overall, do you think this organization is effective? Why or why not? This will likely vary across different areas of the organizations (i.e., some aspects may be effective, others may be ineffective). Consider the 9 theses of organizational effectiveness from READING 11 (INCLUDED IN PDFS BELLOW)
  • Speculate about the future of this organization in nonprofit America in relation to chapter 8 of The Resilient Sector. Offer some predictions and recommendations based on how you see this organization fitting into the trends shaping the future of nonprofit America.

Do your best to incorporate a communication perspective throughout your profile. That is, find ways to address some of the above issues “communicationally” or in ways that are more “communicative.” This should involve the three implications from chapter 1 of Understanding Nonprofit Work (rethinking core concepts, organizations as communication, communication as an explanatory framework) and/or the three tenets from reading #6 (lived experiences, language & discourse, communicative constitution). *See the WEEK 7 POWER POINT SLIDES ( also included below)

You may pick any American* nonprofit organization for your profile…large or small, political/religious or not, national or local, old or new. You may pick an organization you have a personal connection with or something that is completely unfamiliar to you. Your profile should be based on Internet research, media reports, and personal interviews (email, Zoom, or in-person). Personal observations are encouraged–but not required–if you are comfortable and able.
*This could include an American organization with international operations
*If you reside outside the United States you may pick a non-American nonprofit organization for your profile

Your portfolio will be graded on a 100-point scale based on the following criteria:

  • Thorough, substantive, and informative sections for all the items listed above in the first box of bullet points.
    [50 points]
  • Adequate resources: 4-6 interviews, quality online sources, other relevant materials and/or observations
    [10 points]
  • Appendix describing the resources used to develop your portfolio (websites, media reports, articles, interviews, observations, etc.). You do NOT need a bibliography for your portfolio, just list the resources and provide brief explanations where relevant (e.g., describe who you interviewed or what activities you observed).
    [10 points]
  • Professional look and aesthetically appealing: formatting & layout, images and graphics, color and whitespace, etc.
    [10 pts]
  • Writing quality: spelling, grammar, coherence, etc.
    [10 pts]
  • Clarity and navigation: table of contents, page numbers, section headings, etc.
    [5 pts]
  • Within word count: 2000-3000 words
    [5 pts]

Create your portfolio using whatever word processing or design program you prefer, but submit your final portfolio as a single PDF file uploaded to Canvas using the blue “submit assignment” button above.

Requirements: 2000-3000 words plus portfolio

My Nonprofit: TGTHR (formerly Attention Homes)

Human Services
Youth Development
Housing & Shelter

Search Tags:
homeless, at-risk youth, shelter, human services


TGTHR (formerly Attention Homes) is a social movement and non-profit working with courageous communities across the country to end youth homelessness. For youth between the ages of 12-24 we provide employment assistance, education programs, supportive housing, short-term housing, long-term housing navigation, support and inclusivity groups, family coaching services, life-skills development, mental and physical wellness support, and an array of individual and group activities.

The facility is unique in that there is no time limit on how long the tenants can remain in the facility, which requires tenants with jobs to pay 30% of their monthly income as rent, with one resident already paying $700 a month. Residents without jobs are able to remain there free, but are encouraged to gain employment quickly, and supported in doing so by the nonprofit’s employment counseling services.

There are rules in place at Attention Homes that should drive its tenants to seek greater independence, such as limits on how many times per month a tenant can have overnight guests and a no-alcohol policy.

Other models of transitional housing have short-term caps on residency, topping out at two years for each tenant. While Attention Homes residents will be able to exceed that if needed, 85% of young adults who have lived in similar models of housing have been ready to move into independent housing within two years.

The four functions of nonprofit organizations:

civic and political engagement:
TGTHR contains many of the aspects that of the function of Civic and Political Engagement. This function is built on individuals building trust and finding connections with one another and to also build a sense of community and solidarity that leads to greater enthusiasm for community life. This function also is known to offer individuals a door that opens onto the public square and a tool for demonstrating commitment to something greater than narrow self-interest. And advocacy work- this is a local shelter and takes many people from around the area.

service delivery:
Provider of goods and services that fulfills the unmet demands of consumers and clients. This also is a function that TGTHR serves. They a providing a space, a home, for these children and meeting the basic demands of what they need.

values expression:

social entrepreneurship:

Websites and Media reports







https://tgthr.org/financials/ (All Tabs within this link)



https://tgthr.org/blog/ (BLOG)