Pressure Ulcers and Nursing Practice Essay

Pressure Ulcers and Nursing Practice Essay

Pressure Ulcers and Nursing Practice Essay

Pressure ulcers is one of the biggest threats in healthcare units across the world today. This is because of the high incidence and prevalence rates (Clarke, Whytock, Bradley, Van der Wal, Handsfield & Gundly, 2005). The high number of patients with pressure ulcers in the society today has led to significant utility of various resources and thus laying a significant burden in healthcare resources. There are various strategies that have been laid in trying to prevent and manage pressure ulcers (Magnan & Maklebust, 2009). These apaches are embedded on the basic clinical practices and the nature of the condition. Lack of appropriate management practices has laid a big burden on the level of service delivery and nursing practice.Pressure Ulcers and Nursing Practice Essay

Pressure ulcers treatment is very expensive. According to Clarke et al (2005), each ulcer can cost more than 27,000 US dollars. These finances can be used in the administering various medical processes and thus improving the quality of healthcare. Nursing practice is also affected by the high prevalence of pressure ulcers. This is because the attention given to the pressure ulcers has increased tremendously commanding a 50% increase in the time that is given to the cases (Clarke et al, 2005). If the pressure ulcers are properly managed, this nursing time can utilized constructively to increase medical attention to other conditions that may require close attention.Pressure Ulcers and Nursing Practice Essay

Acquisition of preemptive measures to deal with the pressure ulcers is one of the most realistic and practical ways of preventing pressure ulcers. This calls for a significant change in the practice patterns as well as a massive shift in the cultural dynamics regulating healthcare systems. This requires formulation and application of plans that are efficient and consistent with the nursing processes to prevent this medical condition. To assist in the management and mitigation of this problem it is critical for nurses to apply evidence based practices in controlling its root cause. What is the significance of the lack of the q2hrs turning schedule on the high prevalence of pressure ulcers?


Research Questions
Should the q2hrs model be adopted by the nurses in preventing pressure ulcers?
This question seeks to outline the importance of addressing the problem that is experienced in healthcare units. The most critical part that this the answers to this question will address are the major benefits associated to healthcare after implementing this model in in the healthcare units. This plays the ultimate role of focusing the research in the positive outcomes of good practice.Pressure Ulcers and Nursing Practice Essay

What is the importance of adopting proactive measures in the management of pressure ulcers in the healthcare units?
This question seeks to bring out the overall importance of observing preventive measures in pressure ulcers management as opposed to the treatment. This focuses on the extra resources that are incurred as a result of the apparent problem in healthcare. This creates a critical part of the problem statement and also indicate the importance of part of the solution. In our case, this question will particularly explain the practical efficiency of nurses adopting the q2hrs model.

What is the major cause of ignorance in adopting preventive strategies in controlling and mitigation of pressure ulcers among the nurses?
This question will assist in forming the foundation for attaining a real solution to the problem under study. This is because it will seek to find the root cause of the problem. In our case, the question will assist in finding the difficulties experienced by nurses in implementing the q2hrs strategy. Finding the solution to these problems will be a major stride towards achieving overall success in the controlling of the medical condition.Pressure Ulcers and Nursing Practice Essay

What organizational dynamics can be used in promoting the use of preventive measures among the nurses in the alleviation of pressure ulcers?
There is the importance of outlining the role that is played by the healthcare organizations in propagating the failures and successes related to nursing practice. This includes the role that the culture of an organization can play. This also seeks to find the significance of organizational structures and procedures on the failures of the nurses regarding the problem under study.

Should the nursing administrators be involved in advancing the practices among the healthcare providers on the prevention of pressure ulcers?
This seeks to indicate what role the leaders and managers associated with healthcare organizations can play in influencing healthcare practices. This includes the significance of programs and advocacy initiatives that guide these organizations. This also brings out the role that is played by policies in enhancing healthcare.Pressure Ulcers and Nursing Practice Essay

Preliminary PICO Question
What is the significance of the lack of the q2hrs turning schedule on the high prevalence of pressure ulcers?
PICO (Davies, 2011)
P- Patient/Problem: High prevalence of pressure ulcers
I- Intervention: Adoption of q2hrs intervention
C- Comparison: Lack of implementing the q2hrs model
O- Outcome: Significant reduction of the pressure ulcers

Keywords that can be used for Searching
Pressure Ulcers Prevention-forms the basis for the study and research.
Q2hrs for pressure ulcers- This is the proposed model and part of the solution
Q2hrs turning schedule- Recommended procedure for the nurses.
Pressure Ulcers prevention schedule- This is a definition of the problem
Turning schedule for pressure ulcers- A general description of the failure by the nurses
Significance of q2hrs schedule- Effects of the changes in the attitudes of the nurses
Preventing pressure ulcers- Forms the foundation for the basis of the study
Q2hrs healthcare model- This defines q2hrs model as a critical part of healthcare
Pressure ulcers- this is the main subject of the research paper.Pressure Ulcers and Nursing Practice Essay

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