PHI 210 Week 11 Assignment Exam 2 STR


PHI 210 Week 11 Assignment Exam 2 STR

PHI 210 Week 11 Assignment Exam 2 STR


Week 11 Assignment Exam 2

Question 1

A scientist is hired to do research for a tobacco company. Anyone reading the scientist’s conclusions should be aware that the scientist may be which of the following?

Question 2

Sally reads a report about a casual study of students and their attitudes to drugs. “A group of high school students were asked if they had ever used an illegal substance; the majority of those students said ‘No.’” Sally then cites this study in her paper about drug use. She says, “A study of students revealed that only 10% of high school students use drugs.” Why is her conclusion flawed?

Question 3

Brian’s eighth grade biology class is conducting a scientific investigation to find out what types of rock the school is built on. The class goes out to collect rocks from an exposure at the edge of the school property. Which scientific process is the class involved in when they do this?

Question 4

A set of statements designed to convince others that an action or idea is right or wrong is a type of _________.

Question 5

Frode is afraid of dogs because he was attacked by one as a child. This is an example of which of the following?

Question 6

Clinton graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. While in school he turned down the option to stay an extra year and earn a master’s degree in engineering. Currently, Clinton is having a difficult time finding employment as a mathematician, while all of his engineering friends easily found jobs. What question is Clinton likely asking himself when reflecting upon his decision to not get the master’s degree, which has made it more difficult for him to find a job?


Question 7

Dharamdas is looking to buy a new laptop since his old laptop has finally stopped working. He has made a list of all the laptop brands that could potentially fit his needs, and now he is reading reviews and narrowing down his list based on what he learns. Which stage in the problem-solving process is Dharamdas practicing?

Question 8

Which of the following is MOST likely to lead to bad decisions?

Question 9

Which of the following is something that can lead to making good decisions?

Question 10

Matt and his roommate Gamal argue repeatedly about wearing shoes in the house versus taking them off at the door. Eventually, both are fed up with constantly arguing. They decide to sit down and talk, and not get up until they come to a resolution. This is an example of which decision-making strategy?

Question 11

What is another term for semantic meaning?

Question 12

What is sarcasm?

Question 13

In what way is the statement “Marcie gave her cat food” syntactically ambiguous?

Question 14

Why might advertisers find it appealing to promise that they have a “better” product than the competition?


Question 15

Margo told her friend Lisa about a recent study that she had read. Which statement is an indicator to Lisa of Margo’s use of a proof surrogate in her argument?

Question 16

Your company is operating as a subcontractor on a large government contract. The government decides to request proposals for another upcoming project. Your boss asks you to submit a proposal on behalf of your company, knowing it would violate the current agreement with the primary contractor. If you do what your boss says because he is your boss, you are operating under which moral theory?

Question 17

Which of the following BEST illustrates a justification?

Question 18

During a discussion about women being subjugated in the Middle East, Vanessa argues that you can’t judge other countries for their practices because people in different parts of the world have different beliefs. What moral theory is Vanessa using?

Question 19

Consider the following argument: Premise 1: Steven played a video game with heavy gun use. Premise 2: Simulating shooting guns at people is wrong. Conclusion: Therefore, Steven should not be playing the video game. The statement, “Steven should not be playing the video game,” is an example of which of the following?

Question 20

What is an inherent problem with moral relativism?

Question 21

The straw man fallacy is a fallacy where the arguer _________.

Question 22

Since the start of the Industrial Revolution more than 250 years ago, there has been a marked increase in average global temperature. Tom thinks that since this past year was cooler than normal, scientific claims that Earth’s climate is changing must not be true. Tom’s thinking is flawed because of which of the following?

Question 23

The post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy is a fallacy in which the arguer _________.

Question 24

When debating solutions to problems related to climate change on a national level, which problem related to climate change has a prominent amount of conflicting political opinions?


Question 25

Which of the following would be an example of the false dichotomy fallacy?


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