Nursing Diagnosis and Planning Essay


Nursing Diagnosis and Planning Essay

Nursing Diagnosis and Planning Essay

impaired physical activity related to obesity as evidence by patient difficulty in breathing after walking 20 steps.please follow directives belowfor the nursing care plan

Assessment;subjective and objective date.

Nursing diagnosis and planning.Nursing Diagnosis and Planning Essay



Evaluation;Give 2 scenarios


A nursing diagnosis identifies an actual or potential response of a patient to a health problem (Jones 2009). Nursing diagnoses are important because they provide the foundation for the selection of nursing interventions (Walton 2008). This care plan is the concluding half to the initial care plan that identified nursing diagnoses and goals with the aim of promoting the holistic wellbeing, mental health, and independence of a 68 year old Mr. Bertoli who has returned home from hospital after experiencing a stroke. Particular emphasis will be placed on proposed interventions to achieve Mr. Bertoli’s healthcare goals and the provision of rationales. This is important to justify the significance of the interventions and indicate…show more content…
However collaboration between a professional interpreter and a family member can be beneficial when dealing with the older person. This is because family member can assist in the provision of physician-to-patient information after the conclusion of the encounter (Rosenberg, Seller & Leanza 2008).Nursing Diagnosis and Planning Essay

Intervention 1b:
The provision of written information in the patient’s primary language containing the purpose and side effects of the patient’s medications (Aboul-Enein & Ahmed 2006).

Rationale 1b:
The provision of written medication information given to the patient helps significantly in cases of medication non compliance (McGraw & Drennan 2004). This is because it aids in memory retention and presents patients with access to a reliable source of concise medication information, particularly if the patient needs to be reminded of certain aspects (Gorgos 2006). These written medication information sheets need to be provided in the patients primary, dominant language because it reduces the difficulty and limits barriers to patient understanding (Gorgos 2006).This is important because this intervention aims to increase a patient’s understanding of their medications, and when a patient feels more competent with the use of their medications, reduced Nursing Diagnosis and Planning Essay

Today, care is not always considered a skilled and skilled career. There is no fixed rule, regulation or agreement at the beginning of the first treatment, and no professional training is given for caring for patients and injured persons. Care is not even considered a real occupation. Instead, most nurses are women who are volunteering to take care of the welder who the mother is caring for a sick family or injured during the war. In the meantime, “Life and women are not being evaluated by society.”Nursing Diagnosis and Planning Essay

The review of the literature shows that home care is described from two perspectives. The first view focuses on the learning needs of nursing students of practical graduate students and graduate students in the future home care in the future (1992, Bryant, 1992, Jacobs, de la Cruz of McCown, 1992 Stephany, Thobaben in 1990). ) This work system clarified the need for a new approach to undergraduate and postgraduate education to support training of practitioners. In addition, these authors also analyzed the curriculum and survey of nursing colleges to determine which type of change was implemented. This survey shows that the definition of family health habits is confused, the teachers have different views on the composition of home health habits, many teachers in the field of family health still have clinical practice in the same field Not done. (Burbach, Conrad, Schumacher, & Lindsay, 1991)

The purpose of this qualitative interpretation scholar’s research is to analyze and clarify the characteristics of nursing practice in the context of home care. Researchers are trying to explain how to practice at home medical experts and how to develop them. At various stages of practice development, 21 nurses were asked to write three clinical narratives describing family health practices. Analyze the data and derive the theme and features of nursing practice from the viewpoint of home care. According to the survey results, in the field of family health management, until the nurse can combine physiological data, environmental data and family data to provide seamless, intuitive and very complicated care, expert medical care The act continues to evolve.Nursing Diagnosis and Planning Essay


Mr. GB is a 78 year old white male admitted to Bay Pines VAMC on 6/18/96. for ” atypical chest pain and hemoptysis”. V/S BP 114/51, P 84, R 24, T 97.4. He seems alert and oriented x 3 and cheerful. Bowel sounds present x 4. Pt. has a red area on his coccyx. Silvadene treatments have been started. Pt. Has a fungal lung infection with a pleural suction drainage tube inserted in his chest . Pt is extremely thin with poor skin turgor with a diagnosis of cachexia ( wasting) secondary to malnutrition and infection. Patient is no known allergies to drugs but is allergic to aerosol sprays disinfectants and dust.. Advanced directives on chart. Code status DNR. Primary physician Dr. R, Thoracic surgeon Dr. L. Psychology Dr.W. There is PT, OT Dietary and Infectious Disease consults when necessary. He lives with his wife who he has been married to for 56 years. His son and his daughter come to visit him. He does not smoke. He wears dentures but did not bring them. He dose not use a hearing aid but he does have a hearing deficit.Nursing Diagnosis and Planning Essay

Pt. is able to do all his ADL’s with limited assistance. He wants to get better and leave the HSP. Pt. Stated’ 90 days is to long to be here”. Pt. States that he is concerned about caring for his tube site when he goes home and does not feel that his wife can do this for him.

Diet: Pureed Hi protein, low fat, anti-dumping with Calorie count (all meals) and drink supplements between meals. TPN @ 79cc/hr 12hr around the clock through PICC line

MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS: Empyema, Hemoptysis, Necrotizing pneumonia, Aspergillosis (Aspergillus fumigatus) cachexia secondary to malnutrition/infection, hypothyroidism, Diabetes Type II melitius , and…

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…trol. Home health aide / RN needs to understand this after discharge.Nursing Diagnosis and Planning Essay

OUTCOME/GOAL STATEMENT: Short Term: Pt will verbalize feelings of concern regarding at home maintenance of self with SO prior to discharge. Long Term: (after discharge) Pt will work with home health care giver to relief frustration and avoid further depression. Nursing Diagnosis and Planning Essa