NR443_435_436_W6 Assignment_SBIRT_Presentation_Template


NR443_435_436_W6 Assignment_SBIRT_Presentation_Template





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Clearly identify the problem and specific statistics from your community related to this problem. You may use city or county data. For example if you choose tobacco use, you should find the tobacco use rate in your city or county. **Please note, this is only an example, you must choose from one of the topic options provided in the guidelines.**

Addiction/Problem Description

Utilize one scholarly reference (not assigned in this course) to describe this problem/addiction. Discuss reasons why this may be a problem in your community. Cite all sources.


SBIRT Description

Utilize at least one scholarly reference (not assigned in this course) to describe how SBIRT is used with this specific addiction/problem. Identify specific steps and questions that are used. Describe at least one video that demonstrates SBIRT related to the addiction you chose. Cite all sources.

SBIRT Description continued


Community Resources

Describe at least two community resources that are available to refer people to who have been identified as having a problem or potential problem. You are to provide the names of these resources and brief descriptions. You may use online resources if community resources are not available.

Conclusion and Future Implications for Nursing

Provide a summary of your findings. Discuss the use of SBIRT in nursing practice.

Conclusion and Future Implications continued



Provide all references for all sources utilized in APA format, though a hanging indent is not needed.