NR 505  Week 1 TII Draft Latest


NR 505  Week 1 TII Draft Latest

NR 505  Week 1 TII Draft Latest

Clinical Practice Guideline Summary Template

Using this worksheet which is based on the AGREE II instrument, evaluate your clinical practice guideline using these questions:

Domain I: Score and Purpose

· What is the overall objective of the guideline? What is the scope and purpose of this CPG?

· What health question(s) are covered by the guideline? Be specific.

· Who is the target population (patients, public, consumers, students, etc.) to whom the guideline is meant to apply? Who are the recipients of the services outlined in the document?

Domain 2: Stakeholder Involvement

· What professions are represented in the guideline development group?

· How well were the target populations’ views and preferences considered and sought?

Domain 3: Rigor of Development

· What systematic methods were used to search for evidence to develop the CPG?

· What were the criteria for selecting the evidence?

· What are the strengths and limitations of the body of evidence used to develop the CPG?

· How were health benefits, side effects, and risks considered in developing the CPG?

· What explicit link is present between the recommendations and the supporting evidence?

· How was the CPG externally reviewed by experts prior to its publication?

· What procedure is in place for updating the CPG?

Domain 4: Clarity and presentation

· What key recommendations are presented? How specific and unambiguous are the recommendations? How easily identifiable where these recommendations?

· What are the different options for managing the condition or health issue presented in the CPG? How clearly are they presented in the CPG?

Domain 5: Applicability

· What facilitators and barriers to the application of the CPG?

· How did the CPG provide advice and/or tools on the application of the recommendation into practice?

· What potential resource implications of applying the recommendations have been considered?

· What key monitoring and/or auditing criteria are presented in the CPG?

Domain 6: Editorial independence

· How ere the views of the funding body kept from influencing the content of the guideline?

· What conflicts of interest are possible?

· How are the competing interests of the CPG group members recorded and addressed?


· Does the CPG answer the key clinical questions presented in the CPG?

· How will you, as the advanced practice nurse, apply this CPG in practice?


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