NR 503  Week 2 Project Discussion 1 Latest

NR 503  Week 2 Project Discussion 1 Latest

NR 503  Week 2 Project Discussion 1 Latest

Discussion Part One (graded)

Shelby is a 32-year-old mother of two, who has smoked 1 pack-per-day for the last 15 years, and who comes to see you today for her yearly well-woman exam in your family practice clinic. She has a family history, in a single paternal grandmother of breast cancer at age 52. She also has a history of an abnormal cervical cancer screening three years ago requiring colposcopy. Given her history please consider the following: Choose one screening test that might be considered either now or in the next few years of Shelby’s care. Define the test, its positive predictive value, reliability and validity.

NR 503  Week 2 Discussion 2 Latest

Discussion Part Two (graded)

Upon the course of your history you find out that Shelby has a great aunt on her mother’s side who died of ‘some woman cancer in her stomach’ and an uncle on her father’s side who died of pancreatic cancer. Her mother and older sisters are all in good health. Does this information change your recommendations for screening? Why or why not?

NR 503  Week 2 Discussion 3 Latest

Discussion Part Three (graded)

Please provide a summary of the case or information you have discussed this week.