NR 501  Week 7 Project Discussion Latest


NR 501  Week 7 Project Discussion Latest

NR 501  Week 7 Project Discussion Latest

Nursing Theory Applied to Research or Education (graded)

This week, we will discuss the extent a nursing theory drive or provide a framework for your undergraduate education. We will discuss which theory was used and you will provide a brief description of the theory and explain the effectiveness of the theory in relation to your undergraduate education. The majority of the state boards of nursing require an organizing framework be identified for undergraduate nursing programs. Also, the national accrediting agencies of the National League for Nursing (NLN) and American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) have noted in their accreditation standards the need for an organizing framework.

There is a complementary relationship between theory and research. Research conducted with either philosophical theory to clarify, modify, and/or extend a nursing theory. This week, we will look at research studies that does not describe or name a theory or conceptual framework. We will discuss what consequences, if any, is there from the absence of a guiding framework or theory?

This week’s course outcomes are directly related to this week’s discussions:

2). Propose strategies for use of relevant theories that nurse leaders can employ in selected healthcare or educational organizations considering legal and ethical principles. (PO #2, 6)

5). Recommend strategies for the use of theory as the basis for actions of advanced nursing practice in leadership and education. (PO #5)

Please answer the following question:

The content for this week focused on applying nursing theory to research and education. Select one area (either research or education), select a nursing theory and then apply the selected nursing theory to the area. For example, how could theory be used to select a research topic? How nursing theory would be used within the classroom or clinical setting? Be sure to provide an example that demonstrates the application to either research or education. Don’t forget to include a scholarly reference.


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