NR 501  Week 5 Project Discussion Latest

NR 501  Week 5 Project Discussion Latest

NR 501  Week 5 Project Discussion Latest

Borrowed (non-nursing) Theories Applied to the Nursing Profession (graded)

Week 5 Threaded Discussion 2 course outcome is as follows:

Analyze theories from nursing and relevant fields with respect to their components, relationships among the components, logic of the propositions, comprehensiveness, and utility to advanced nursing. (PO #1)

This week’s question focuses on the debate concerning the use of or avoidance of borrowed theories in nursing education, research, as well as other practice areas. Thinking of theories from non-nursing disciplines may become a dynamic discussion concerning whether nursing is a unique profession and whether it demonstrates all of the characteristics of a profession.

In the initial development and application of nursing theories, many nurses tried to apply non-nursing theories to the profession with varying degrees of success. Especially in the areas of leadership/administration and education, non-nursing theories are frequently used. For example, adult learning theory is frequently applied to nursing education. In this threaded discussion, select a non-nursing theory and apply it to the profession. Don’t forget to include an example of its application.

Please answer the following:

While the focus of this course is nursing theory, frequently the use of non-nursing or borrowed theories occurs. Select a nursing practice area (i.e. education, executive, advance clinical practice, informatics, and health care policy); then identify a non-nursing (borrowed) theory; and apply it to the area you have selected. Be sure to provide an example of how the non-nursing theory can be used to enhance the selected practice area. Don’t forget to include scholarly reference(s) to support your information.