NR 501  Week 2 Project Discussion Latest


NR 501  Week 2 Project Discussion Latest

NR 501  Week 2 Project Discussion Latest

Significance of Nursing Paradigms within the Profession (graded)

This week you will be discussing the Metaparadigm concepts and how each of these impacts your practice. Metaparadigms that are included for the profession of nursing includes; health, person, environment, and nursing. The structure of the Metaparadigm provides a meaningful and logical way to clarify one’s beliefs concerning each of the components. This allows you to see how these beliefs come together as a whole and shape your professional nursing practice. For the first question this week, you will demonstrate an understanding of the term metaparadigm. The traditional metaparadigms are person, health, environment, and nursing, by your discussion may expand to more non-traditional metaparadigms including: social system; role; interpersonal relations; caring; and cultural context. There are many clinical issues in which the connection to one component will be more pronounced, but the other three will still have some role. Think of the Metaparadigm as a structure to demonstrate the holistic nature of nursing.

As you begin, take a moment and reflect on the following course/program outcome:

Analyze theories from nursing and relevant fields with respect to their components, relationships among the components, logic of the propositions, comprehensiveness, and utility to advanced nursing. (PO #1)

This lesson presents the four paradigms of the nursing profession—person, environment, health and nursing profession. Select an area of the nursing profession (i.e. education, executive, and informatics, healthcare policy, advanced clinical practice) and apply EACH of the paradigms to the selected area. Be sure to apply EACH of the paradigms and include an example that demonstrates the application to the practice area. Don’t forget to support your initial posting with scholarly references.


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