NR 443  Week 4 Project Discussion Latest


NR 443  Week 4 Project Discussion Latest

NR 443  Week 4 Project Discussion Latest

Healthy People Objectives for Community Settings (graded)

Community health nurses practice in a variety of settings. Choose one of the following CH roles and describe what you have learned about the nurses’ role in that setting (see Chapters 29 –33).

  • School Nursing
  • Occupational
  • Health Nursing
  • Faith-based or Parish Nursing
  • Home health Nursing
  • Hospice Nursing
  • Forensic Nursing
  • Correctional Nursing

The federal government developed Healthy Peopleas a set of national health objectives that are revised every 10 years. These objectives are very specific in order to guide and measure our nation’s progress related to public health. Please visit. Click on a topic area that relates to role you chose to discuss. Click on the green Objectives tab in that topic area to choose one Healthy People 2020objective.

  • Discuss one specific numbered Healthy People 2020objective (not a goal) related to this community health role.
  • How could a community health nurse help meet this objective?

In Doc Sharing is a helpful “Introduction to Healthy People 2020website” document to aid you in navigating the HP 2020website.

Nies, M. A., & McEwen, M. (2015). Community/Public health nursing: Promoting the health of populations(6th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Saunders/Elsevier.


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