LDR462 Professional Application in Service Learning Assignments

LDR462 Professional Application in Service Learning Assignments

LDR462 Professional Application in Service Learning Assignments


Information Sheet for GCU Volunteer Placement

Grand Canyon University

3300 W. Camelback Road

Phoenix, AZ 85017


Name of Volunteer:



E-mail Address:

Site Name:


Supervising/Contact Person:




Description of Site

1. Number of Principles:
Number of Employers:

Number of [estimated yearly] student volunteers:

2. Type of workforce/Area of practice:
3. Subject of work for student volunteer:
4. Any special features or descriptions of work environment:

Description of Volunteer Placement Tasks to be completed by Student

5. General Communications: (e.g.Telephone, Personal, Formal, etc.)
6. Research and Writing: (e.g.Letters, Memorandums, Reports, Notes, Desktop Publishing)
7. Clerical: (e.g.Filing, Automated Systems, Calendaring)
8. Academic course work especially desired:
9. Any other information you would like to provide in order to more fully inform, or interest the student in this volunteer opportunity: (e.g.describe experiences where the student will learn what it would be like to be a practitioner in the area he or she is studying. This could involve inviting the student to attend workshops, meetings, ride-along, counseling sessions, etc.)

LDR462 Professional Application in Service Learning



Problem Solving Reflection Form

Problem Solving Reflection Form

Volunteer: _______________________________________________________

Professionals recognize that problem solving is integral to being human. The work environment is a center for problem-solving activities. The IDEAL problem-solving process developed by Bradford and Stein (1993) is implemented by: (I) Identifying the problem, (D) Defining the problem, (E) Exploring strategies, (A) Acting on ideas, and (L) Looking for effects.

Instructions: Describe how you used problem-solving skills to resolve a problem you encountered during your volunteer experience.


Activities or actions taken to solve the problem:

Who did this process affect?

How were they affected?

Evaluate the effectiveness of this problem-solving activity:

LDR462 Professional Application in Service Learning


Decision Making Reflection Form

Volunteer: _________________________________________________________

The proactive professional infuses decision-making strategies that examine why a decision is needed, what the possible options are, what the likely consequences of each are, how important the consequences are, and what the best decision is in view of all available information.

Instructions: Describe below a decision-making activity you guided others through to solve an existing problem.

Existing problem:

Decision-making activities used to solve the problem:

Assessment of the effectiveness of the decision-making activity:

LDR462 Professional Application in Service Learning

LDR462 Professional Application in Service Learning Assignments WEEK 5 ASSIGNMENT

Resume and Cover Letter

Prepare a resume and cover letter using the techniques suggested in the above listed websites. Prepare these documents as if you were applying for an entry-level position at your volunteer site.

Ask your site supervisor to make suggestions to your resume and cover letter.

You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

LDR462 Professional Application in Service Learning


Reflection Paper

Write a 500?1,000?word paper reflecting on two prescribed areas and one area of your choosing.

Part I

Consider the journals you have written during this course and address the following:

Reflect back on the items you selected each week that connected to your education.

How has the knowledge you have gained from your program of study assisted you in your volunteer appointment? How do you see it assisting you in the future?

Part II

Consider all areas of student life such as general education requirements, major, minor, emphasis, chapel, extracurricular, community service, volunteer experiences, employment, faculty, administration, etc. and address the following:

In your opinion what are one or two things that would have made your experience at Grand Canyon even better?

Point out people and events in your Grand Canyon experience that had the most positive influence on you. Explain one or two of them.

Then, explain how your Grand Canyon experience changed you personally, professionally, and spiritually.

How do you see this whole experience impacting your future?

In what specific ways are you better prepared for professional life?

Part III

Reflect on anything else related to your volunteer experience.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

Essays will be evaluated on content (what you say), but also based on organization, grammar, spelling, freedom from error, punctuation, and the like. The essay should demonstrate the student’s professional ability to communicate and share information.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center. LDR462 Professional Application in Service Learning Assignments.