HRM300 WEEK 5 Final Exam Paper

HRM300 WEEK 5 Final Exam Paper

HRM300 WEEK 5 Final Exam Paper

Final Examination: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (HRM/300) for Weeks 1 -5.


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Please take your time on this exam.  All the questions are taken directly from the textbook electronic readings, and weekly tutorials.  There are 22questions totaling 10 points (10% of Your Grade).  There are 5 sections each with separate point values.  They are labeled.

Good Luck!


True and False: Please mark either T or F in the appropriate space before the question (7 * .25 each = 1.75 points)

  1. ____A strategic plan is the company’s plan for how it will match its internal strengths and weaknesses with external opportunities and threats in order to maintain a competitive advantage.  There are three levels of strategic planning.  They are corporate , completive, and functional.
  2. ___ Succession planning is the process of ensuring a suitable supply of successors for current and future key jobs arising from business strategy, so that the careers of individuals can be planned and managed to optimize the organization’s needs and the individuals’ aspirations.
  3. ____Drug testing in today’s organization is conducted not to eliminate illegal substance at the point of hire, but only to catch those using it in the workplace.
  4. ____Ethics decisions always require normative judgements.
  5. ____The job analysis is the procedure through which you determine the duties of the positions and the characteristics of the people to hire for them.  Purposes of the job analysis are writing job descriptions and job specifications.

6.___The firm Macy’s is an example of having an onboarding process which may include videos, lectures by company officers, and exercises covering matters like company history, vision, and values.

7.___Safety awareness programs are trained by supervisors to orient new workers regarding common safety hazards and simple prevention methods.  An example is the ‘Roadway Safety Awareness Program’.


Multiple Choice: Please select your answer and place it in the space before the question (10* .25 each = 2.50 points)


  1. ____This test was developed after a Supreme Court decision in a landmark law case protecting the candidate and employee from discrimination.
  2. Griggs-Duke Test b. Baxter International Equality Test c. Bona Fide Qualification Test d. McDonnell-Douglas Test e. Harris-Forklift Test


  1. ____In 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court in Ledbetter v. Goodyear & Tire & Rubber Company, held that employees claiming Title VII pay discrimination must file their claims within how many days of when they first receive the allegedly discriminatory pay.
  2. 200 b. 100 c.  720 e.85


  1. ___Sexual harassment is proved by having which one of the elements?
  2. Quid pro quo b.  Health Maintenance Organizations c.  a hostile environment d. none of the above e. a & c


  1. ___On-the-job training might take the form of several methods. Some of these methods are listed below. Which is the best answer.


  1. Coaching/understudy b. Job rotation c.  special assignments and committees d.  simulations e.  all of the above


12.___An employee handbook is for which reason?


  1. Policies and procedures of company the employee works for b.  Who is dating who
  2. Ways to insult your employer d. How to destroy employer property e.  ways to insult the customer


  1. ___ Which of the following is a job evaluation method?


  1. Job Ranking b. Job Classification c.  Point Method d.  all of the above


  1. ___What is it called when the employer provides the employee with REPEATED opportunities to discuss performance before any reward or punishment consequences occur that will eliminate surprises at the formal annual review?


  1. Upward appraisal b. continuous feedback c.  360-degree appraisal d.  Training e.  validity
  2. ___There are several recruiting strategies and sources (internal and external) that human resource management uses to obtain candidates for job positions. Which one of these strategies is the best answer.


  1. Online recruiting b. Job fairs and college days c.  Promotion from within the company d.  Referrals e.  All of the above
  2. ___The ADDIE training process consists of five development steps. These are analysis, design, develop, implement, and evaluate. In the design step there are several sub-steps to follow.  One of them is;
  3. S.W.O.T. Analysis b. creating a detailed training outline (all training programs steps from start to finish) c. Cost Differentiation d. Product Differentiation.


  1. ___ O.S.H.A. can impose penalties for violations. Today, penalties can increase to which dollar amount ___.


  1. $ does not increase b. $ 10,000 c. $50,000 d. $80,000 e. $70,000


18.-20. Short Answers.  Explain in short sentences the question underneath the question.  Please write a paragraph on your choices. Pick three questions and answer them.  There are 1 point each.  (3 Points) HRM300 WEEK 5 Final Exam Paper

  • What is the Drug Testing and why is it important for human resource management in the hiring process and in random drug testing during employment?
  • Discuss the importance of leadership supporting the Occupational Health and Safety Act (1970) in the workplace.
  • Explain one of the major functions of Human Resource Management and how does it relate to the job description?
  • What is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?
  • What is the change process, metaphors, and change agent?
  • Why are ethics important in the workplace?
  • Define the term strategic plan and discuss the three levels of strategic planning.


  1. Long Essay. Write two essay’s regarding the questions. Answer the following questions in two paragraphs each in your own words. References maybe used. (.75 Point each)


  • Why is ‘Globalization’ an important part of diversity as it relates to Human Resource Management?
  • What are the human resource manager’s competencies and give a discussion of each one?


  1. Workforce Planning and Forecasting;Ratio Analysis. (1.25 Point)

Why does short term debt happen in human resource management and what methods could be done to prevent it?