HP2020 Health Effects of Hookahs Paper

HP2020 Health Effects of Hookahs Paper

HP2020 Health Effects of Hookahs Paper


The concepts of epidemiology provide the framework for the study of infectious and chronic diseases, which provides a rich source of data for the analysis of trends in disease and health. This assignment will offer the opportunity to explore the health effects associated with hookahs. You will identify populations at risk, and to design an educational intervention for your target population. In addition you will look at what outcomes will be addressed to determine if your interventions work. You will integrate HP2020 and CDC information into your paperResearch the health effects of hookahs and select three to five health effects to address. Identify your target population (for instance, age or other demographic, aggregate population); this must be in your city or state. Design a population based health education intervention for your target population that is aimed at reducing morbidity and mortality for the problem. Be sure to review the research literature and HP2020 for interventions. Decide what outcomes you will use to determine whether your educational intervention works. In a three (3) page summary, address the following.

Identify the problem in the introduction section.

Provide an overview of the problem in your city/state

Review of descriptive epidemiologic and demographic data on mortality/morbidity and risk

Present the goal, overview and objectives of Healthy People 2020 for the paper topic. Also, include an overview of the national snapshot by HP2020.

Create a population focused intervention that includes activities and implementation strategies. Use of scholarly literature and HP2020 is recommended for writing the Intervention Program Plan.