History Of The Therapeutic Relationship Essay

History Of The Therapeutic Relationship Essay

History Of The Therapeutic Relationship Essay

Furthermore, nurses are one of the largest professional care groups, within the health services responsible for provision of care. The role of a nurse is not just to work in clinical settings but ranges from home districts, communities and much more. It is therefore the role of the nurse to be an advocate to patients and their families, ensure health and to promote wellness in the nation as a whole. It is the role of the nurse to know the importance of equality and diversity and to respect and treat patients according to their individual needs and also keeping patients as cheerful as possible. (Burnard, 2002).History Of The Therapeutic Relationship Essay

In addition, the roles of nurse are essential in giving the highest quality of care possible. Quality of care is effective and efficient services that are rendered to patients. High quality care can be in the form of patient protection, fulfillment and reassurance. Also the fundamentals of quality care consist of: convenience, suitability, helpfulness, competence, and justice. The information that involved patient’s treatment should be provided to both patient and family. Dimond, 2009) states that the participation of family members is particularly essential to achieving comprehensive patient care goals. Team work and good communication skills plays a vital role in the practice of a nurse, to provide quality care. Possible clinical management is not attainable without teamwork, collaboration across and between professional in the hospital and the communities is essential to build an improved structures and in given safer high quality care. (Williamson et al., 2010).

According to (Dimond, 2009) compassion, reverence for all individuality, keeping in mind the ethnicity and different cultures of these patients must reflect in nurse practices. (Edwards 2009). Also agrees that, the services provided must be valuable, competent and intended to accomplish a possible goal. He again added that, high quality care have to meet the patients’ preferred delivery outcomes.History Of The Therapeutic Relationship Essay

Moreover, progress in the quality of care is reliant on the input of nurses, and by the growth of the nurse’s role lately. It is crucial that effective administration clinical judgment of nursing practice takes place. Problem solving and decision making are very important abilities for nursing role. Nonetheless, not only are these processes involved in running and delivering high quality care, but also they are critical for engaging in intended change. Qualified nursing organisations have confirmed that experience in management and analytical is vital in nursing practice. (Williamson et al., 2010).

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Also continuous training, gaining new information and job improvement within this field is crucial as it will allow nurses’ to hold their roles with merit, reflect seriously, correspond well and improve their performance in these transform international surroundings. Edwards (2009) confirmed that, knowledge accomplishment and learning as a necessity to guarantee that, in the changing public wellbeing, health professionals will be capable to successfully assess the health care predicament of their environment and expand appropriate inventive and mutual strategies that will advance study based result and cause the necessary change.History Of The Therapeutic Relationship Essay

(Jasper, 2003) again stated that, nurses ought to improve their skills in order for them to be able to make major improvement on health guidelines issues and nursing understanding. Lifetime learning cannot be replaced for anything, as it will assist nurses’ constant creative judgments and ideas for the assistance of the communities where they explore their practice. Therefore, organisations can endeavor to apply and combine usual classroom approaches and try different models to promote this knowledge and professional development.

Additionally, to ensure highest quality of care is given to the patient, a successful nurse patient relationship ought to be established. A therapeutic relationship between a nurse and a patient can be built on a series of communications. All communications do not grow into relationships but may however, be therapeutic. A therapeutic relationship is different from a social relationship if it is intended to meet the patient needs only.

This nurse patient relationship should be based upon the dedication of a nurse to work in partnership with their patient’s.History Of The Therapeutic Relationship Essay

Furthermore, Nurse patient relationship must also be cultured confidently in order for the nurse to be genuinely devoted to efficiently responding to the needs of the patients. Moreover the care given to patients and the public has to be occasionally improved and be based on proven research outcomes. Patients need to be effectively encouraged, taught, their comfort and care modeled to meet their needs. The nursing interactions however must be influenced not only by relationships formed with the patients but also those established with their families and other professionals.

Even though In terms of providing care within the therapeutic nurse patient’s relationship, nurses do meet ethical conflict, indecision and anxiety in their everyday practice. Constant changes in areas like the technology and faith in the health care system, add to these ethical dilemmas. Acceptance, communications, judgment and morals help nurses to prevent ethical conflicts and to work through them when they do occur (Jasper, 2003).

Moreover, nursing professionals are restricted by their own code of ethics. Ethics are the principles that guide nursing decisions and conduct as they pertain to what is right or wrong. They also involve moral behaviour. The nurse is expected to behave in a way that maintains the integrity of the patients and family. Situations often arise that require the nurse to make a judgment, and a dilemma results when the nurse’s values differ from those of the patient and family. The nurse must remember that patient have the right to make decisions for themselves without the expressed opinion of the nurse. The principle of autonomy is a prevailing segment of the ethical framework of nursing, in giving high quality care. Also the right to decide what happens to one’s own body is the right to autonomy (Dimond, 2009). For example, the nurse might not be comfortable caring for the alcoholic patient, but is ethically obligated to provide the best and most compassionate care possible.History Of The Therapeutic Relationship Essay

Besides, standards of care apply to the practice of nursing and all professions. Because legal action can be taken against the nurse for failure to follow the code of professional conduct, it is important for the nurse to be familiar with legal terminology. These include negligence, malpractice, assault and battery, tort, and fraud. Negligence is defined as a lack of reasonable conduct and care. Negligence involves omitting an act expected of a person with knowledge or performing an act that a reasonable person would not perform. If the nurse fails to perform an act, such as putting the side rail up on a bed, and the client falls out of bed, resulting in injury, the nurse can be charged with negligence. It is reasonable for the patient to expect the nurse to know that the side rail should be used to prevent injury. Other example of negligence is the failure to administer medications ordered by the doctors.History Of The Therapeutic Relationship Essay

The professional governing body has for the most part a more immediate influence over the conduct of its members than that of the law. This is enforced by disciplinary procedures. The NMC issues regulation on aspects of nurse’s obligations and responsibilities within matters such as confidentiality and consent, to avert poor performances at base. Lack of assurances about confidentiality, patients may be unwilling to give nurses the information they need in order to give good quality care.

Many of the decisions that nurses make in the course of their practice are affected by legal principles, moral reasoning, and code of professional conducts. It is also vital for the nurses to be able to differentiate between ethical principles, the law and codes of professional conduct. It is also helpful to the nurses to develop a clear understanding of the law, ethical issues and code of professional conduct pertaining to their profession as a way of improving high quality care and to hold  each  nurse accountable for his or her responsibilities  or actions within legal and ethical matters. This is essential to ensuring that decisions are consistent with applicable legal and ethical principles because often nurses act as advocates for their patients. Usually the nurses are required to possess a certain amount of knowledge, skill and competency in ethical decision making for the best interest of their patient.History Of The Therapeutic Relationship Essay

Law is the collection of binding rules of human conduct or action imposed by the authority, society or tradition. There is a need for every nurse to have a clear understanding of the legal implications of their work so that they can protect themselves and their patients. Also this will help protect them from criminal charges and civil claims when they treat and care for patients. Registered nurses and midwives in the United Kingdom are regulated by the nursing and midwifery council which is a statutory body set by the parliament of the United Kingdom through the Nursing and Midwifery order (2002).This order aims to investigate allegations, lack of competence, promoting standards and to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the public. Â

In addition, the need for the practice of nursing is universal and hence communities can not avoid it. The responsibilities of nurses as perceived by the communities include alleviation of suffering, restoration of health, illness prevention and health promotion. Jasper, 2003) states that, because the role of nurses and the essence of their services to the community cannot be avoided, and then they must behave ethically in all situations and circumstances. Nurses are therefore obligated to respect human rights, which include the patients’ right to choice and right to life.

Furthermore, the practice must additionally not be restricted by a patient’s nationality, disability, gender, illness, politics, sexual orientation, social status, color, age, creed, culture or race (Jasper, 2003). The nurses need to also make sure that their patients are given adequate information on which they can base their consent for treatments and related care.History Of The Therapeutic Relationship Essay

However, the nurse will practice confidentiality and only release information regarding the patient after rational judgment and decision-making processes. The nurse shall also be obligated to encourage the community to support all actions that will ensure enhancement of the community and their health needs, not only that community, but also that of the vulnerable patient. Nurses are in addition required to be accountable and responsible for the outcomes of their actions and strive to enhance their competence through continual learning. (Jasper, 2003) add the personal conduct of the professionals in all situations must reflect professionalism for the intent of enhancing public confidence. Researches advances and technology used have to be additionally taken into consideration and be compatible with patient’s rights, safety and dignity. The high quality of care provided must also not to be compromised regardless. Edwards (2009) adds that, in the case of where a patient’s or the communities health is endangered by a co worker the nurse has the obligation of taking the appropriate action to ensure the health of these groups is safeguarded.

In conclusion, nurses play a very important role in developing, promoting and contributing to the wellbeing of patient. The legal and ethical aspect of nursing put in place guidance and polices to make sure that, nurses provide and maintain the highest quality of care possible. Nurses work professionally alongside with their patient in therapeutic relationship to promote a healthy living. It has been noted also that, nurses are required to be accountable and responsible for their actions in regards to the care they provide. Nurses are endeavoring to engage in continuous learning to improve their knowledge and skills in order to be able to deliver high quality care. Nurses are also to show commitment, understanding and effective way of care delivery. History Of The Therapeutic Relationship Essay