Healthy Life and Environmental Impact Report Essay

Healthy Life and Environmental Impact Report Essay

Healthy Life and Environmental Impact Report Essay

The formula for life and good health depends on a person’s environment. Such factors as clean water, fresh air, nutritious and natural food, appropriate climate, and some other things that people consume daily make them healthy, active, and energetic. Also, it is essential to do some sports and to have a good night rests to make the body fit and strong.

What Does the Environment Have to Do with the Equation?

Usually, people travel to work, stay home, go on vacations, and so on. Therefore, a person’s environment changes all the time. The equation is the amount of time spent at a particular place compared to another location that a certain individual has to deal with daily. The equation is intended to identify all regions that a person inhabits and regularly attends to evaluate these areas’ ecological factors. Healthy Life and Environmental Impact Report Essay

Where Do You Spend the Majority of Your Time? What Have You Been Breathing in?

I spend most of my time in front of the computer at my house because I have to do all the assigned homework and work online. My house is situated on the outskirts of the city, which means that the air is fresh in this location. Also, I have been breathing some sea air. Unfortunately, I inhale exhaust gases that vent out of other people’s cars while driving.

Why Is It Important to “Know Your Neighbors” from a Health Standpoint?

Every person has to be aware of his or her neighbors’ lifestyles. Some people who live in neighborhoods might be using toxic chemicals in their gardens and leave their yards unclean. Although these factors do not seem to be very important, they make an adverse impact on other people’s environment. Unfortunately, some individuals pollute areas they inhabit and cause harm to their neighbors. Healthy Life and Environmental Impact Report Essay

What Question Do Doctors Fail to Ask?


Usually, doctors do not ask their patients about their dwelling situations. Indeed, this is a tremendous issue that has to be considered by physicians to make accurate diagnoses. However, medical workers are not interested in their patients’ environments that play a significant role in human health.

What Can We Add to Our Medical Record to Help Assist Our Health?

We can add such points to our medical records as the quality of the water we consume, the freshness of the air we breathe, our diet information, and some other important things that influence our lifestyles. Every point mentioned above should be helpful for the doctors in our health assistance. Sometimes, it is essential to reduce particular environmental disadvantages to have a healthy body. Healthy Life and Environmental Impact Report Essay

Why Does Geography Impact Our Health?

Geography influences our health because our environment makes us consume various products or utilities that are prevalent in particular areas. If some location is polluted, the local population might be obliged to drink dirty water, eat genetically modified foods, inhale toxic air, and so on. Therefore, the geography of our habitats has a major impact on our health.

What is Worrisome about the TRI in Your Area?

The TRI (Toxic Release Inventory Program) identifies the level of pollution in the territories of different states. Oregon’s total disposal or other releases amount to fifteen million and seven hundred thousand pounds of toxic gases. Comparing to other states, Oregon remains one of the cleanest regions in the entire country. The ocean winds take a significant part of toxic substances away from the land. All maritime states are less polluted than other territories in the middle of the USA. Healthy Life and Environmental Impact Report Essay