Genetics and Genomics Part Two

Genetics and Genomics Part Two

Genetics and Genomics Part Two

BASED ON PART 1. which is uploaded below,

Now that you have genetics and genomic information about your patient. It is time to plan, implement and evaluate and educational strategy for this patient. a) Use the following chart to identify your patient red flags. 18 b) Develop a specific teaching strategy for this patient. The teaching strategy must address specific health promotion activities (exercise, nutrition, environmental risk) as well as emotional support. c) The education also Includes referrals and testing if necessary. d) Set a second meeting with the selected patient to discuss the results of the pedigree analysis. e)


Patient Genetic and Genomics Interview and Education Part 1

Medications and supplements someone taking sertraline (Zoloft) should avoid

Sertraline, sold under the brand name Zoloft, is an antidepressant of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor class. Someone taking Zoloft should avoid NSAIDS (Aspirin). When the serotonin inhibitors like Zoloft and NSAIDS are combined, it increases the risk of upper GI bleed (Staider B, 2017). Another medication the patient should avoid Dextromethorphan, which increases serotonin levels in the body and causes syndrome when combined with other medicines that affect the serotonin. Pseudoephedrine is another supplement that the patient shouldn’t take, well on certain occasions, it can be used but cautiously. SSRI medication, when combined with Sudafed, can worsen the condition (Staider B, 2017).

Case analysis

Carla, who is 60 years old, suffers from depression and takes antidepressants. The condition makes her feel worthless, lacks concentration and confidence in what she does, making mistakes with appointments, and feeling like she can’t please anyone. The patient started having the condition at the age of 30. The disease seems to be genetic, and she might have inherited it from the family. The grandfather died from a car accident, which they think might have been caused by depression, making the accident look suicidal. The aunt also died at the young age of 30, and the family thinks she committed suicide under unclear circumstances.

The family also thinks she suffered from depression. The dad, who is 90, suffered depression at the age of 75. He seems to be okay now as he has been on treatment. The mom, who is 88, has dementia. The brother, who is 64 had issues of drug abuse at 20; presumably, he also had problems of depression that pushed him to drugs hence being a drug addict at the age of 20.

The sister, who is 55 is healthy and has her own family; she is the only one who seems to be free from the genetic disease (depression). Carla has a daughter who is 37 and not married; she also has a history of depression. She had once tried to commit suicide. She also has a son who is 30 years old; though the son hasn’t experienced any depression, he has a family of his own doing well. It is clear that the depression that Carla is going through is genetic and inherited from the family.

The challenges she faces include her hating her job, which she has done for over ten years, her daughter moving back into her house, which seems to be denying her independence and the biggest challenge is that the patient can’t help out in church as she used to before. She seems to be living a lonely life and can’t talk it out with someone. The patient bears the risk of committing suicide if she does not open up and continues a preserved lifestyle.

She also doesn’t exercise and drinks twice a month; her social life seems lonely. The patient should start having a fun social life like going to the gym at least that will cheer her up, and she will be able to make friends whom she can talk to; thus, the loneliness will be filled up with happiness, and she can be able to build her self-confidence back. She should also try and find the urge to help out in the church activities. She should also seek medical attention and continue taking the drugs as per the prescription; the drugs will make her relax.

The family should have some get together to know their whereabouts and have some fun time for family; this will help create a distraction from the stress the family is going through, and the bond of the family will be strengthened since the family also seems to be somehow everyone seems to be lonely and there seems to be lack of communication between them. Having some family time together will help create a good bond between them and communicate amongst themselves when there is a problem. Genetics and Genomics Part Two


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