ENG1200 Capella University Nursing Innovations Recommendations Report

ENG1200 Capella University Nursing Innovations Recommendations Report

ENG1200 Capella University Nursing Innovations Recommendations Report

Write a 2-3 page detailed report that either recommends implementing the selected innovation or focuses on non-implementation, depending on the risks, benefits, and criteria you identify.


In technical writing, a recommendation report provides a solution to a problem. The problem can be a true problem, or the problem can be an opportunity for change or to improve a current process. Of course, most problems have more than one solution. This means that part of recommendation writing is helping the audience make the best choice.


Recommendation reports are a form of persuasive writing. Preparing for this assessment, you’ll discover how you can use your communication skill to summon the passion and power of your words to persuade others to believe your point of view.


For this assessment, you will write a recommendation report based on the benefits and risks highlighted in the informative report you completed for Assessment 2. The goal of writing a recommendation report is to provide a solution to a problem or challenge in the workplace. In this situation, the problem/challenge is the need for innovation; the solution is determined by you.

You can choose whether the benefits outweigh the risks, or vice versa. In you choose the benefits, your recommendation report should focus on recommending implementation of the innovation. If the risks outweigh the benefits, your recommendation report should focus on not implementing the innovation at this time and suggesting an alternative.

In order to write a detailed recommendation, you will need to consider 2–3 criteria that are influencing your recommendation. Common criteria include cost, safety, or efficiency, but you can choose any criteria that best support your recommendation.


Review the innovation risks and benefits you defined in the informational report in Assessment 2. Identify possible innovation recommendations based on the risks and benefits. Use the Capella library and online resources to help you determine criteria you can use to help clarify and define the scope of your final recommendation. Identify a minimum of two references that support your conclusions. The General Education Information Research Skills Library Guide is helpful for this research.



(Last Name) 1 Nursing Innovations Hovsepyan, Erik Capella University April 29, 2021 (Last Name) 2 Innovation as a registered nurse is a responsibility of the occupation and encompasses the sensitivity of the healthcare industry. In other words, people only come to the hospital and interact with practitioners to alleviate an ailment or issue they are having. In some way or another, this issue affects the quality of life and well-being of the patient, and it is up to you to decide what the necessary treatment options are. One of the most significant innovations for new medical institutions is the pervasiveness of Electronic Health Records (EHR)s or Patient Discharge Wristbands. Both of the innovation techniques will help the organization deal with the necessary changes while ensuring that patients are monitored throughout the