Effects of Healthcare Regulation in Advanced Practice Essay

Effects of Healthcare Regulation on Advanced Practice Essay

Effects of Healthcare Regulation on Advanced Practice Essay

Regulatory bodies play a big role in governing the major operations in healthcare. The major roles of these bodies is to initiate and implement the policies that protect human beings and the healthcare providers from various risks within the industry (Erik, 2010). These bodies are charged with the responsibilities of overseeing healthcare procedures and their adherence to the protocols. The regulations are also meant to check and oversee organizational compliance to the set standards. Healthcare is a very dynamic industry and its engagement with the regulatory bodies and organizations comes with various tensions and challenges.Effects of Healthcare Regulation on Advanced Practice Essay

The confrontation, complexity and compromise that comes with these regulatory functions depends on the organizational structures. This is also embedded on the spheres that make up healthcare. This regulations often involve various players who play various roles in enhancing the functionalities of their regulations. This is because in the regulation of some policies, there is massive linkage between governmental and private organization. Some of the policies of operation in these regulatory bodies present difficulty situations in the daily practices in healthcare. This is because some of the regulations do not define the some of the issues that are attached to the procedures of healthcare and thus exposing the healthcare experts to various ethical and professional issues (Erik, 2010).Effects of Healthcare Regulation on Advanced Practice Essay

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Healthcare is a very dynamic field. This is because there are changes that are experienced daily due to advance of technology and emergency of activities that improve the quality of service. In the practice environment, there are some situations that dictate application of evidence-based practices. Some of these practices may not be outlined in the regulatory statutes. The processes of changing the regulations has various procedures that may take several days to accomplish. Therefore, the regulatory authorities do not provide necessary flexibility on healthcare practices to advance quality improvements practices (Erik, 2010). This presents various challenges that result in ethical dilemmas in the advanced practice environments.

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