DNP Project Assignment Paper

DNP Project Assignment Paper

DNP Project Assignment Paper

Write a 4 PAGES journal entry discussing how you are achieving objectives of the Psychiatric internship experience working with various patients with different psychiatric disorders.


The journal must include;

These objectives include the overall course objectives and both personal objectives as well as any DNP Project objectives developed by students.

The purpose of this journal is to identify activities, issues, or problems that show how you are increasing your knowledge in smoking cessation.

Theoretical concept related to Polypharmacy  rates among geriatric psych patients in the clinic

Analyze your practicum experience with an eye toward connecting your experiences with relevant literature and any relevant concepts, models, or theories.

Identify which stakeholders that will be involved in planning process.


Include references immediately follow the content.

Use APA style for your journal entry and references.



· Develop learning objectives and activities aligned to specialty competencies for the practicum experience


· Evaluate the impact of a specific health care-related problem on a population

· Analyze current research literature pertaining to a health care-related problem

· Develop a plan for conducting a needs assessment

· Develop strategies for addressing challenges in conducting a needs assessment

· Propose strategies for facilitating stakeholder involvement from the target population in the development of program goals and objectives

· Develop a mission statement, goal(s), and objectives for a program


· Analyze the strengths and barriers of implementing the program design within the chosen environment

· Develop a program design appropriate for a problem and target population

· Evaluate the impact of a business plan on the strategic planning of a program

· Develop a program budget with a break-even point

· Assess the practicum experience thus far

· Analyze the relationship between financial analysis strategies and the quality of the program outcomes

· Apply the use of cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, or cost-benefit to the program design process

· Apply an evaluation theory or model to a specific program design

· Evaluate the appropriate use of performance measurement, monitoring, and summative evaluation

· Assess an evaluation plan for a program or intervention

· Develop an evaluation plan with goals and objectives

· Assess an evaluation plan for a program or intervention

· Assess means of reporting program design and evaluation findings appropriate for a specific audience

· Evaluate the overall practicum experience including the achievement of learning objectives

· Appraise professional development or insights that may foster contributions to the field

· Develop a DNP project proposal



DNP PERSONAL Objectives 8400

This practicum will address the objectives for practicum hours as it relates to the DNP essentials, specialty area competencies, and also leadership skills experience.  In addition, it will explain a proposed time line for accomplishing the practicum hours.


1. By the end of this quarter, the student would have expatiated and gained extensive experience on leadership skills in the field of mental health nursing in the practicum setting and this will go a long way in creating positive change via the practice of newly established protocols.

2.Student will utilize existing evidence to develop a program that will help prevent polypharmacy in geriatric psychiatric patients. The eradication of polypharmacy in the geriatric population will significantly decrease avoidable adverse drug reactions, drug-drug interactions, costs incurred by patients and insurance companies and ultimately improve patients’ cognition and life expectancy.

3. By the end of this quarter, student will gain an understanding of education and evidence-based nursing strategies that will directly and significantly improve patient outcomes in the clinical setting.

4. My practicum hours will be goal-specific and solution-focused and will aim towards the evaluation of different research-based approaches for the treatment of the geriatric population.

5. Practicum experience allowed me to integrate a range of skills into a coherent professional identity as a nurse scholar-practitioner


This will be achieved in 6-9 weeks.



Met with my preceptor, Dr. Nanda, and stake holders of the organization. I had a Presentation to the board of directors the proposal for the my project on challenges of

Met with preceptor and stakeholders, discussing issues affecting geriatric polypharmacy Dicuussed

Developing a proposal on how to stop polypharmacy

Interviewed different patients, primary care providers as well as psychiatric care providers’ to determine what causes polypharmacy

Developing strategies to stop polypharmacy

Dicusing the theory model appropriate theory or model for a specific program designed to address issues of polypharmacy

Developing policy that will change issues of polypharmacy





Gained extensive experience on leadership skills in the field of mental health nursing in the practicum setting