Discussion: Infectious Diseases Essay Paper

Discussion: Infectious Diseases Essay Paper

Discussion: Infectious Diseases Essay Paper


Please answer the following questions and see the attachment for references.

1. Infectious diseases are prevalent worldwide. Teach us about 3 infectious diseases that you didn’t have much information about (or didn’t know at all). For each, include the following template: what the infection is, what a person can do to prevent (including vaccination and if applicable), diagnosis, and any treatment information.

2. Part of being a healthy adult is understanding the differences between true health advice and quackery (see Chapter 14). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen friends post health-related information online only to see that their source information is not reliable. Have you ever seen friends post or give you advice that you found questionable? What was the weirdest/oddest piece of health advice you’ve ever heard? Next, using Chapter 14, formulate a plan to ensure that the websites you visit are providing real and valuable information.

3. Chapter 15 explores addictions. Have you ever known anyone that had any kind of addiction growing up, or even currently? You don’t have to give away their personal information, but rather, explain their behaviours in relation to their addiction. How did their actions affect their goals, life’s direction, and behaviours? How did their addiction affect other people? (IF you don’t have any personal accounts with addiction, think about TV shows, books, movies, etc. you’ve seen about addiction and respond accordingly).

4. Over-the-counter and prescription drugs tend to “hook” more people who had no desire to form a dependence or an addiction. Why do you think this is? How can something that’s just a pill have the potential to become a big problem? Referring to your text, explain how prescription drugs can be problematic. Use multiple pieces of information from the chapter as a whole.

5. When growing up, what were the norms related to alcohol use and abuse? Did you have family members who drank? If so, do you believe there were any issues with the overuse of alcohol? During your adolescent years, what was the norm for alcohol drinking? Did you have friends that used? Did anyone ever have negative problems because of alcohol?