Discussion 1 Essay Paper

Discussion 1 Essay Paper

Discussion 1 Essay Paper

Post by Day 3  a brief analysis of your survey results and how your personal values align with those of a psychologist, specifically an I/O psychologist.


  • Describe if it is necessary to work for an organization or business that has similar values to your own.
  • Explain how, if there are conflicts, you propose to resolve those conflicts.
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    1. In your definition of a “well-run” company, how important are the following?

    a.) Provides excellent customer service

    Very important

    b.) Has efficient and flexible operations

    Very important

    c.) Offers high financial return to shareholders

    Somewhat important

    d.) Attracts and retains exceptional people

    Very important

    e.) Creates products or services that benefit society

    Very important

    f.) Adheres to a strong mission

    Very important

    g.) Invests in employee training and professional development

    Very important

    h.) Operates according to its values and a strong code of ethics

    Very important

    i.) Is a stable employer

    Very important

    j.) Provides competitive compensation

    Very important

    k.) Adheres to progressive environmental policies

    Very important

    l.) Produces high-quality products and services

    Very important

    2. Would you add something to the above list that you think is “very important”? If so, what?

    cares about the relationship between employees and management

    3. Which of the following issues pose the greatest challenges for today’s CEOs and senior executives?

    Breakdown in trust between employees and management, Economic downturn, Lack of public trust in business

    4. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

    a.) Business people are more likely to care about the social responsibilities of companies when the economy is strong.

    Strongly agree

    b.) When a multi-national company is entering a new market in a less-developed country, it? has a responsibility to go above and

    beyond business success and contribute to the development of the local community.

    Somewhat agree

    c.) When it comes to the environment, all a company has to do is to comply with the law.



    Strongly agree

    d.) Companies should maintain their employees’ job security even if they incur a short-term drop in profit as a result.

    Strongly agree

    e.) Most companies accurately report their earnings and profits.

    Somewhat agree

    f.) Corporate reputation is important to me in making my decision about the organization where I want to work.

    Strongly agree

    g.) Managers place too much emphasis on short-term performance measures when making business decisions.

    Strongly agree

    h.) I anticipate that my own values will sometimes conflict with what I am asked to do in business.

    Somewhat disagree

    5. If you answered the prior statement “4h” with “somewhat agree” or “strongly agree,” please specify which kinds of values

    conflicts you expect to face:

    Some possible issues to consider:


    6. Assume you are engaged in each of the following business activities/practices. How likely do you think it is that values conflicts

    would arise?

    a.) Managing personnel in manufacturing facilities/ plants

    Very likely

    b.) Outsourcing production operations

    Somewhat likely

    c.) Investing in less-developed countries

    Very likely

    d.) Downsizing

    Very likely

    e.) Financial reporting

    Somewhat likely

    f.) Natural resource exploration

    Somewhat likely

    g.) Awarding stock options

    Somewhat likely

    h.) Setting executive compensations levels

    Somewhat likely

    i.) Conducting performance reviews

    Very likely



    j.) Interacting with government officials

    Somewhat likely

    k.) Raising or borrowing capital

    Somewhat likely

    l.) Negotiating with suppliers or customers

    Very likely

    7. If you find that your values conflict with those of the company where you work, how likely is it that you will:

    a.) Not mind too much

    Somewhat likely

    b.) Experience it as stressful

    Very likely

    c.) Quietly handle the stress

    Very likely

    d.) Look for another job

    Somewhat likely

    e.) Speak up about your objections

    Very likely

    f.) Advocate alternative values or approaches within the company

    Somewhat likely

    g.) Try to get others to join you in addressing your concerns

    Not likely at all

    8. Think of a few occasions when you encountered a values conflict in your previous work experience. Recall how you handled the

    situations. Would you characterize yourself and your behavior as that of:<font face=\”GG Superscript\”>2</font>

    an Idealist

    9. If you placed yourself in the category of “pragmatist,” what can you do to maximize the likelihood that you will act on your ideals?

    What competencies will you need?


    10. Think of someone you deeply respect. What are the 2 or 3 characteristics you most admire in this person?

    integrity and generosity

    11. Who are you at your best?

    kind and caring

    12. Name your 3 or 4 deepest values.

    generous, honest, creative

    13. What is the one sentence you would like to see in your obituary that captures who you really were in your life?

    a caring mother that always put her children first



    14. Questions of Purpose: What is your personal purpose for your business career?

    Some possible issues to consider:

    live a life with integrity and honesty

    What impact do you want to have? On whom?

    influence others

    Whom do you want to know you benefited? In what ways?

    everyone i meet

    What do you want to learn?

    from others

    How do you define your impact as a/n: auditor, investor, manager, product developer, marketer, senior executive, etc.?

    very influential

    What do you hope to accomplish? What will make your professional life worthwhile?

    bringing people together as a whole

    How do you want to feel about yourself and your work, both while you are doing it and in the end?


    15. Questions of Risk

    a.) Are you a risk-taker or risk-averse?

    risk taker

    b.) What are the greatest risks you face in your line of work? Are they personal (e.g., livelihood, deportation, legal punishment) or are

    they professional (e.g., harm to customers, employees, the firm), or are they societal (e.g., impact on environment, profession, industry, nation)? Discussion 1 Essay Paper


    c.) What levels of risk can and can’t you live with?

    speaking up for myself not speaking up

    16. Questions of Personal Communication Style/Preference:

    a.) Do you deal well with conflict or are you non-confrontational? Under what circumstances do you behave in each way?

    yes i deal with conflict well not confrontional

    b.) Do you prefer communicating in person or in writing?


    c.) Do you think best from the gut and in-the-moment or do you need to take time out to reflect and craft your communications?

    in the moment

    d.) Do you assert your position with statements or do you use questions to communicate?


    17. Questions of Loyalty:

    a.) Do you tend to feel the greatest loyalty to family; work colleagues; your firm/employer; or to other stakeholders, such as





    b.) Under what conditions and given what stakes?


    18. Questions of Self-Image:

    a.) Do you see yourself as shrewd or naive?


    b.) As idealistic or pragmatic?


    c.) As a learner or as a teacher?


    d.) Other?