Capella University Psychosocial Development Case Study

Capella University Psychosocial Development Case Study

Capella University Psychosocial Development Case Study

A template is provided to easily follow and complete.

The purpose of this assignment is to use what you have learned about lifespan theories, models of resilience, and psychosocial development to assess how well individuals and families are functioning in relation to all three of these areas. To address realistic situations without violating personal rights to privacy, you will review the case scenario provided in the resources.

This case represents individuals in multiple life stages. Select three individuals in the case study family who are moving through different life stages and focus on details that will make your analysis applicable to your specialization.



For this assignment, imagine you are a counselor or therapist working with three of the individuals in the case. Now, conduct the following analysis for each individual:

  • Identify the life stage he or she is in, along with the psychological crisis each is experiencing.
  • Identify social or environmental factors that may have influenced the individual’s behavior. Examine the connection between these factors and theories of learning.
  • Apply psychosocial developmental theory to the situation presented, from the perspective of a counselor or therapist:
    • Conceptualize your ideas for the developmental tasks of each of the three individuals selected, grounding your conceptualization in your own area of specialization.
    • Include a discussion of each of the three individual’s lives and factors that might affect behaviors, including cultural and other influences related to the stage of development assessed. To the extent that it is relevant for each individual, include an analysis of interrelationships among work, family, and other life roles. Include an analysis of the impact of cultural influences as well. Refer to specific actions as evidence for your analysis.
    • Support your ideas with specific lifespan theories discussed in this course, citing and referencing your sources.
  • From a clinical perspective, assess how these three individuals function as a family unit:
    • Examine their functioning in relation to a model of resilience appropriate to your specialization, and evaluate their challenges and strengths related to wellness and resilience. As each individual transitions to his or her next developmental stage, how will the transition impact the functioning of the family unit?
    • Support your ideas with appropriate sources on the model of resilience you chose.

Use the Unit 8 Assignment Template (given in the resources) to prepare and submit your report. Do not include a synopsis of the case in your paper. Instead, follow the template. Focus on the three selected individuals and the realities of their functioning as a family unit and transitioning within the family unit, as described in the template. Then, provide your assessment of how well they are functioning in relation to your choice of a model of wellness and resilience, as described in the template. Your summary, at the end of the template, should provide a brief, focused review of the key insights in your assessment.


Your paper must meet the following requirements:

  • Resources: Cite and reference at least three resources from the professional literature that you used as the basis of your ideas related to lifespan theory and resilience models.
  • APA formatting: Format citations and references according to current APA style.
  • Font and Font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
  • Length of Paper: Doing a thorough job on this assignment is likely to require 7–10 typed, double-spaced pages.



Running head: DEVELOPING A CASE Unit 8: Psychosocial Development Case Study Assessment Your Name COUN5004 – Survey of Research in Human Development for Professional Counselors Instructor Name Date DEVELOPING A CASE 2 Psychosocial Development Case Study Here you are going to introduce this assignment in a short paragraph of 4–5 sentences. This paragraph is similar in content to the abstract, with the addition of identifying the three individuals you will analyze in this paper and how these individuals are related to one another. Remember these three individuals must be in three different life stages from school age through middle adulthood. Remember to double-space between sentences. Individual 1 – Identified Life Stage For the first individual you have selected, identify the individual and his or her role in the family unit. Identify the life