Banner Health Network: Quality Improvement

Banner Health Network: Quality Improvement

Banner Health Network: Quality Improvement

Banner Health is a healthcare network that provides services to the population across several states. It is one of the biggest employers in the country, and it has a network of 23 institutions in different cities (Banner Health Network, n.d.). In addition, the company offers varied health care facilities. Importantly, not so long ago, the enterprise has started running primary care physician clinics, which is a significant step toward the services that are more comprehensive. Banner Health offers its employees a significant opportunity for growth, which not only allows the staff to progress in the career but also to furnish care through the advanced and experienced workforce. One of the main goals of the company is to deliver such services that meet the current needs of different population groups. The company constantly monitors its activities, employee performance, and customer satisfaction levels to be able to enhance its operation and implement such practices that respond to the challenges promoted by the industry in the most effective way.Banner Health Network: Quality Improvement

Readiness of the Organization

In general, it may be noted that the organization effectively meets the needs of the population. Moreover, Banner Health has planned and constantly analyzes its performance so as to adapt to the current queries of clients. Consequently, over the next ten years, the network will be able to offer such services, which will maintain the health status of people. Banner’s ability to respond to the needs and demands of the residents adequately depends not only on its technological development but also at the amount of expenditures. It is important that the company makes effective use of the customers’ perceptions in terms of health provision in order to offer quality services (Banner Health quality report, 2016).


It is worthy of mentioning that the company has formed the legal framework for the protection of patients’ rights regarding the responsibility of clinical staff for personalized health care together with the development of the professional liability insurance for health specialists (Banner Health Network, n.d.). The organization has a transparent form of income and the distribution of funds so as to ensure maximum transparency with regard to the establishment of activity indicators. In addition, Banner Health disseminates information on the activities of insurers and allied health organizations in order to be able to provide timely assistance and to raise the population’s awareness of their health-related opportunities.Banner Health Network: Quality Improvement

Moreover, the network has prepared a variety of different healthcare programs for the customers. They are aimed at a broader access of people to the services. Over the past year, Banner has expanded to allow greater accessibility to allied institutions and services. This approach enabled the institution to achieve larger scale and offered the patients an opportunity to get help at convenient distances. Apart from that, Banner is constantly working on the quality improvements in terms of service provision (Banner Health quality report, 2016). The network has carried out immense work regarding the technological advancement of its facilities and has educated the staff for the effective application of IT, which has enhanced the quality of care. Thus, it can be stated that Banner Health is prepared for quality service delivery in the next decade and will be able to address the needs of the population effectively.

Strategic Plan

It should be stressed out that Banner Health is aimed at delivering quality care. Therefore, it should carry out strategic planning to be able to improve its performance further. Strategic planning should engage in such considerations as network growth, nurse staffing, resource management, and patient satisfaction.

Network Growth

As stated above, Banner Health is one of the largest care providers in the USA, and it offers quality services to the population in an effective way (Banner Health quality report, 2016). However, to be able to sustain a competitive position, it should constantly monitor the ways to improve or boost the delivery or care and to introduce new equipment to deliver patient care. In addition, at present, health care industry is becoming increasingly hi-tech; therefore, it is advisable to improve the quality further through the application of the corresponding IT to ensure that the clients experience the contribution Banner aims to bring (Ziaee & Bologna, 2014). Moreover, it is essential that the network enhances cooperation among the facilities so that the care is delivered in a holistic manner.Banner Health Network: Quality Improvement

Nurse Stuffing

It should be noted that shortage of the nursing personnel is a major problem that the majority of American health care institutions currently face. As almost any major institution, Banner Health has also experienced this issue, but it was able to distribute the personnel in such a way that the staff can operate in various facilities and does not experience excessive workload. In addition, such distribution approach allowed proper furnishing of aid, avoiding occurrences when one clinician is helping multiple patients at a time. Importantly, the nursing staff is able to execute autonomy and participates in decision-making, which has drastically helped in improving care provision (Ziaee & Bologna, 2014). Nevertheless, it is advisable that Banner provides programs for job development for the nursing staff. It will enable the enterprise to educate nurses so that they can perform effectively in various settings in accordance with their expertise.

Resource Management

The company is a reliable and promising place for the nursing staff to advance in their career. At present, Banner Health considers its marketing potential to maintain competitiveness; thus, it is advisable that the enterprise employs such strategy that will provide an opportunity to retain the qualified staff and not to lose it to its rivals (Ziaee & Bologna, 2014). Notably, the network has recently applied corporate social responsibility strategy (CSR) to secure its competitive edge.Banner Health Network: Quality Improvement

Patient Satisfaction

The network is a non-profit organization with a stable reputation. Nevertheless, health provision tends to have a dual nature, and frequently enough patients can be dissatisfied with the aid they receive for both direct and indirect reasons. The reasons for complaining can significantly influence the performance of the institution; thus, Banner Health should consider introducing customer complaint management to be able to address and respond to the complaints of clients (Ziaee & Bologna, 2014). More importantly, this approach will allow enhancing the performance, the quality of care, and the company image.


It can be concluded that Banner Health is a network that strives for constant improvement of quality and it considers the practices that can increase customer satisfaction. The company makes a significant contribution so sustaining the positive health status of the population and expands its premises, facilities, and services so as to meet the needs of its patients. Therefore, it can be assumed that Banner Health is prepared to serve the actual needs of people in the next decade.


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