Assignment: HealthIT Hot Topic Paper

NR 512 Week 6 Assignment: HealthIT Hot Topic Paper Latest

Assignment: HealthIT Hot Topic Paper


This assignment is designed to help students

Develop an appreciation for informatics, basic skills and knowledge required in practice settings. Students will select a “hot” topic of particular interest to their practice to discuss.

Course Outcomes

Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the following ability.

(CO 3) Analyze ethical and legal concerns related to nursing informatics while using, designing, managing, and upgrading information systems. (POs 4, 6)

(CO 6) Describe health information systems within healthcare setting and the profession of nursing in all practice domains and settings including electronic health records (EHR), their management and patient-care information technology (IT). (PO 4)

(CO 7) Explore trends and issues in NI and their impact on nursing practice in all domains.(POs9,11)

Due Date: Sunday 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week 6.

Total Points Possible: 200



Visit the FierceEMR or FierceHealthIT websites and select 1 of 5 “hot” topics of the week that may impact your practice. In a professionally developed paper, discuss the rationale for choosing the topic, how it will impact practice in a positive or negative manner, citing pros and cons. Include a discussion of how informatics skills and knowledge were used in the process relevance to developing the assignment. In the conclusion, provide recommendations for the future.

Preparing the paper

1. TheHealthIT Hot Topic of the Week must be a professional, scholarly prepared paper. See the guidelines for writing a professional, scholarly paper in the Course Resources. The professional paper will have an introduction, the body of paper to explain what you are doing, a summary/conclusion, and at least three scholarly references.

2 Required texts may be used as references, but a minimum of three sources must be from outside of course readings.

3. All aspects of the paper must be in APA format as expressed in the 6th edition.

4. The paper (excluding the title page, introduction and reference page) is 4-6 pages in length.

5. Ideas and information from professional sources must be cited correctly.

6. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and citations are consistent with formal academic writing. Assignment: HealthIT Hot Topic Paper