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Capella University

Executive SummaryProposal Name:

Proposal Author:

Proposal Client:

Proposal Stakeholders:

Proposal Due Date:


Write an analysis that is one paragraph; describing the problem including any critical background information.

Write an analysis that is one paragraph; describing the proposed solution and provide a rationale.

Final Deliverable:

Write one paragraph with a brief a description of the proposal’s main conclusions.


Just show the major risks here. (This can be a bulleted list)

Project Budget / Spending Estimate:

Provide the totals of the budget or spending that will be necessary. If there is no budget or spending determined or necessary include a short statement of why.

Proposal Priorities:


Proposed Guidelines

Write research-based guidelines for fair public debates and media coverage.

· Use subheadings to organize content.

· Use bullet points and phrases for main points, in addition to short, succinct paragraphs.

· Include a visual, such as a graph, table, or chart to succinctly convey information, if you choose.

Guidelines for Fair Public Debate

· Integrate principles of social psychology and research to develop guidelines for fair public debate.

· Consider the following guiding questions as you develop the guidelines.

· How does the format affect voter perception?

· How can a moderator influence voter perception?

· How can social and mainstream media be managed in a debate for balance? Consider the implications of visuals and voter perception.

· What participant behaviors would you prohibit?

· How do you propose to manage the behavior of the audience?


· Support positions with references from scholarly and professional literature.

· Support each guideline with at least one reference using APA format and style.


List References (Left justified)

Line 2 (indented)

This is a simple format template to get you started, for more detailed formatting and citing information please refer to:

American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.).