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URN: QUT19734 | PATIENT: Simmons, Beryl

DOB: 4/10/19XX | Room: Outpatient

Beryl is a 50 year old woman with Hypertension who is

attending a Healthy Heart Workshop at her local

Community Health Centre. Beryl’s blood pressure is

160/95, she is 150cms in height and her weight is 105kg.

Beryl reports that she drinks two to three glasses of wine

per night, eats a lot of take away foods as she’s too busy

with her executive management job to think about cooking.

She is a single mother caring for three school aged children

to always cook. She states that she rarely exercises due to

lack of time. Beryl visited her GP last week after feeling

unwell. Pathology was taken and Beryl’s GP report shows

that her total cholesterol is 6 mmol/L, Low Density

Lipoprotein 3.1 mmol/L and High Density Lipoprotein

0.8mmol/L. The GP commenced Beryl on medications but

she states “I keep forgetting to take them, my life is just so

stressful at the moment. I really don’t have time to be here,

I need to be at work”.