ACC 616 Topic 4 Discussions 1 and 2

ACC 616 Topic 4 Discussions 1 and 2

ACC 616 Topic 4 Discussions 1 and 2

ACC 616 Topic 4 DQ 1

Using the one of the GCU Library’s databases, read and summarize an article related to your APR company’s business or industry. Following the research process, identify the issue or problem addressed in the article, the evidence used to evaluate the issue or problem, the conclusion reached, and the evidence/analysis used to support that conclusion. Include a citation and a direct link to the article in the database. In responses to other students’ summaries, you should discuss whether you believe the authors followed the research process and sufficiently defended and supported their conclusion. Does this article have any implications for accounting or business practice in your own business or industry?

ACC 616 Topic 4 DQ 2

After reading “An Examination of Potential Changes in Ratio Measurements Historical Cost Versus Fair Value Measurement in Valuing Tangible Operational Assets,” by Baker, discuss the implications of using fair value measurements for long-lived assets. Comment on the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Which method do you think should be used and why?

ACC 616 Topic 5 DQ 1 Essays

ACC 616 Topic 5 DQ 1 

Choose an IFRS, IAS, IFRIC, or SIC, other than revenue recognition, and locate the related standard in the FASB Codification. What are the differences between the two standards? What are the similarities? In replying to your classmates, indicate how close you think those particular standards are to convergence. You may need to do some additional research for current information. If you do, make sure you cite your source.

ACC 616 Topic 5 DQ 2

Go to the IFRS website ( and read about the Convergence efforts. Discuss the current state of the convergence efforts followed by your opinion on whether or not the US should convert from GAAP to IFRS. Provide examples in your post to support your for or against postion regarding convergence. Try to choose information that has not yet been posted by another student. In your responses, identify the similarities and differences between the information provided in your post and the post of your classmate.

ACC 616 Topic 6 DQ 1 Essays

Access a recently issued SEC Accounting and Audit Enforcement Release related to a fraud action ( and determine incentives or pressure to commit the fraud, accounting issues, and the motive for the fraud.

Topic 6 DQ 2

There have been a growing number of very large financial frauds discovered in recent years—mortgage fraud, the Madoff scandal, and Enron to name a few. Describe why you believe fraud training is important for all accountants. Name a particular area of fraud training you believe would be beneficial to your chosen area of accounting.

ACC 616 Topic 7 DQ 1 Essays

Using ProQuest Accounting and Tax, through the GCU Library (, find an article about the capital gains tax that was published within the past year. Provide a brief summary of the article and discuss the main concerns of the author. Do you agree with those concerns? Why or why not? In responses to your classmates, compare the conclusions and concerns in your article to someone else’s article.


Topic 7 DQ 2

Choose a tax issue specifically related to your ARP business or industry. Utilize at least three different tax websites (types of sources) discussed in Chapter 7 of Accounting and Auditing Research: Tools and Strategies, and summarize the information on the tax issue provided there. Do the websites agree on this issue or are there differences? Which of these websites provides the primary authority on the issue?

Some examples of tax issues include:

  1. Deductible meal and entertainment expenses
  2. Deduction for foreign travel
  3. Tax consequences of an athletic scholarship
  4. Taxation of long-term capital gains
  5. Recognition of income on extinguishment of debt
  6. Whether an accrual basis securities firm has gross income under sec. 451(a) on the trading date or the next year on the settlement date when all the work is performed, payment is due, and money received.